While silly ni**as argue over who gon' snatch the crown / Look around my ni**a, white people have snatched the sound / This year I'll probably go to the awards dappered down / Watch Iggy win a Grammy as I try to crack a smile.

— J. Cole

Devotion Iggy quotations

I mean Iggy and The Stooges first couple of albums I think sold twenty five thousand between the two of them you know and so to talk in terms of an underground I mean you have to go really to the independent labels and things like that.

I became Iggy because I had a sadistic boss at a record store.

I'd been in a band called the Iguanas. And when this boss wanted to embarrass and demean me, he'd say, 'Iggy, get me a coffee, light.'

All I really wanted to do was make an album that was going to be just back to what I like to do... And it was a coincidence that these new bands, this new wave of bands, were doing Alice and Iggy rock.

Um, there's a girl meeting her friend,' he went on.

'Her friend is giving her an ice-cream cone. Oh-it's dripping. Huh. It, uh, dripped on her...chest.' Iggy drew in a hissing breath. It's gonna stain for sure,' the Gasman said. 'That's chocolate.' Hmm,' Fang said, watching, the girl dab at her chest with a paper napkin.

I knew about things like Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground, weirdly, before I knew about David Bowie. I didn't know what David Bowie was, when I was a kid. I thought he was like Visage.

I mean, gosh, my first tours I ever did were with the Ramones and Iggy Pop and Love & Rockets.

"Jeez, was that a lion? Please tell me it’s behind bars.

" "It’s a zoo, Iggy,” Nudge said, taking his arms and leading him. "Everything’s behind bars."

It's a miracle that David Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are actually still alive today, given how hard they lived.

I'm always looking to rock out. But it isn't really about rocking out versus being mellow, in terms of your personal satisfaction. In the end, you just want to be good. When you look at something that's really good, it might be Iggy Pop or it might be Leonard Cohen. Whatever it is, you want it to be really good.

I think JLo and iggy azalea have lost their heads up each other's big butts.

Touring with Iggy Pop was something to do. It was good fun. I got drunk a lot.

Iggy: "I'll grab a zebra; Gaz, you fill all the bubbles with your trademark scent. so people are choking and gagging; and let's throw beef jerky in their eyes! Now, that's a plan!

"I feel like, like pudding," Iggy groaned. "Pudding with nerve endings. Pudding in great pain."

I have always maintained that Iggy Pop is the Heavyweight Champion of Rock & Roll.

Some cats, Iggy Pop, they're going to always have that hunger.

I remember Iggy and the Stooges' song 'Search and Destroy' reaching out from my speakers to me like my own personal anthem.

I'm definitely not a laptop/midi/abelton guy.

But there is a lot of music I like. I really like Bach organ music. I really like Chopin piano music. I really like Wendy Carlo's electronic music. I really like Miles Davis and John Mclaughlin jazz style. So I'm not only an old-school rocker, but I have to admit that I'm going to be listening to The Doors, Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Bob Dylan many times a week.

[Iggi Pop] is very self-taught, self-educated, but, man, that guy knows about so many things.

Even as a fan, as someone who's into his performances, the Stooges and his own stuff, Iggy [Pop] is one of the people who kept underlining something that a lot of my older musician friends with punk roots say: you get into this space in your life where you feel like a weirdo, you're marginalised, you don't fit in... and then you can get up on stage in front of people who probably hate you.

I'm not a singer, a walking instrument like Aretha Franklin.

When you get an Iggy Pop record, you don't get "Iggy Sings." I am also a style of music, an approach.

I would love to embody the attitude of Iggy Pop or Keith Richards: a ballsy mentality. Stylistically, I love Vivienne Westwood - those capes! I'm obsessed.

People always say, 'You look like Iggy Pop.'

'Iggy' was my dog - he was named after Iggy Pop - and 'Azalea' is the street where I grew up; together, they have the right amount of syllables to make the perfect name.

It was when I saw Iggy Pop, that's what did it for me. That changed my life pretty much.

I love the song 'Into the Night.' It's Roy Orbison meets David Lynch meets Iggy Pop on amphetamines. It has a punk edge that is not HIM, per se. It is super melodic and super '60s, and that is very new to me and it is a sense of achievement to me.

The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence… Iggy Azalea’s not excellent.

The period right before punk rock where people like Lou Reed and Iggy Pop were really strong.

Iggy Azalea, I can't really get into her. Because it's just not real to me.

Iggy Pop looks right at me as he sings the line: 'America takes drugs in psychic defence'; only he changes 'America' to 'Scatlin', and defines us mair accurately in a single sentence than all the others have ever done.

I want my room to smell just like this.

" Iggy inhaled deeply as the scents flame-broiled burgers and hot french fries wafted around us. 'it would be an improvement.' I agreed.

We're famous" iggy whispered so low that Fang could barely hear him.

"So's Swine Flu" Fang whispered back.

Iggy. This is not a democracy," I said,(...)"It's a Maxocracy.

It's the ciiiiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife!" Iggy sang

I’ve been listening to how the Roman Empire fell and all I can say is, it didn’t fall nearly fast enough!”-Iggy