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The books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame. — Oscar Wilde

Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love. — Ellen Key

What is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after. — Ernest Hemingway

Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine. — Sigmund Freud

The only immorality is not to do what one has to do when one has to do it. — Jean Anouilh

We tell lies, yet it is easy to show that lying is immoral. — Epictetus

It is immoral to get drunk because the headache comes after the drinking, but if the headache came first and the drunkenness afterwards, it would be moral to get drunk. — Samuel Butler

A drug is neither moral nor immoral -- it's a chemical compound. The compound itself is not a menace to society until a human being treats it as if consumption bestowed a temporary license to act like an asshole. — Frank Zappa

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