There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge.

— Avicenna

Profound Incurable Disease quotations

It's very healthy for a young girl to be deterred from promiscuity by fear of contracting a painful, incurable disease, or cervical cancer, or sterility, or the likelihood of giving birth to a dead, blind or brain-damaged baby (even ten years later when she may be happily married).

Incurable disease quote "Someday" is a disease that will take dreams to the grave with you.
"Someday" is a disease that will take dreams to the grave with you.

Life is an incurable disease.

Incurable disease quote You have the itch for writing born in you. It's quite incurable. What are you go
You have the itch for writing born in you. It's quite incurable. What are you going to do with it?

Those diseases which medicines do not cure, iron cures;

those which iron cannot cure, fire cures; and those which fire cannot cure, are to be reckoned wholly incurable.

Rage is by no means an automatic reaction to misery and suffering as such;

no one reacts with rage to an incurable disease or to an earthquake or, for that matter, to social conditions that seem to be unchangeable. Only where there is reason to suspect that conditions could be changed and are not does rage arise.

The conscience of an artist worthy of the name is like an incurable disease which causes him endless torment but occasionally fills him with silent joy.

For what then matters is to bear witness to the uniquely human potential at its best, which is to transform a personal tragedy into a triumph, to turn one’s predicament into a human achievement.

We are born with two incurable diseases, life, from which we die, and hope, which says maybe death isn't the end.

In the beginning, when I first found out I had a disease that was incurable, emotionally I had to get used to the idea of being sick before I could think about making any other major decisions in my life.

My first rule of travel is never to go to a place that sounds like a medical condition and Critz is clearly an incurable disease involving flaking skin.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease, only incurable people.

I can get no remedy against this consumption of the purse: borrowing only lingers and lingers it out, but the disease is incurable.

You can do anything you think you can. This knowledge is literally the gift of the gods.

Cancer is a disease that is mysterious, headstrong and makes its own rules.

And mine, to this date, is incurable.

Perfect Scepticismeis a disease incurable, and a thing rather to be pitied or laughed at, then seriously opposed. For when aman is so fugitive and unsettled that he will not stand to the verdict of his own Faculties, one can no more fasten any thing upon him, than he can write in the water, or tye knots in the wind.

Some got rabies, some got fleas, some got incurable diseases from this cockamamie business.

Nursing is a kind of mania; a fever in the blood; an incurable disease.

Revenge is fever in our own blood, to be cured only by letting the blood of another; but the remedy too often produces a relapse, which is remorse--a malady far more dreadful than the first disease, because it is incurable.

Great passions are incurable diseases.

My father, an architectural photographer, was an incurable tinkerer, maker and mender.

To a psychoanalyst, a woman pilot, particularly a married one with children, must prove an interesting as well as an inexhaustible subject. Torn between two loves, emotionally confused, the desire to fly an incurable disease eating out your life in the slow torture of frustration-she cannot be a simple, natural personality.

You can do anything you think you can.

Love is an incurable disease. In love, there is permanent suffering. Those who love and those who are happy are not the same.

Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing, and it becomes chronic in their sick minds.

When I was very young and the urge to be someplace was on me, I was assured by mature people that maturity would cure this itch. When years described me as mature, the remedy prescribed was middle age. In middle age I was assured that greater age would calm my fever and now that I am fifty-eight perhaps senility will do the job. Nothing has worked. In other words, I don't improve, in further words, once a bum always a bum. I fear the disease is incurable.

I think that there are cancers of the body, but I think they are what I would call cancer of the emotional system, too. These are the kind of diseases or illnesses or sicknesses of the emotional system that are as incurable as cancer.

There's no recovery from alcoholism, it is an incurable disease.

And it also is a disease that tells you, you don't have a disease.

How far would you go for someone you love ? Well, when my grandkids ask me how I pledged my love to their grandma, I'll say, I told her I would die for her, after I found out I didn't have an incurable disease. Then, I ran away while grandma was getting her ass kicked by a pregnant woman that grandpa slept with. You never know when you're making a memory.

Distress: A disease incurred by exposure to the prosperity of a friend.

Civilization is not an incurable disease, but it should never be forgotten that the English people are at present afflicted by it.

Think about the stigma that is attached to the idea that alcoholism is a disease, an incurable illness, and you have it. That's a terrible thing to inflict on someone. Labeling alcoholism as a disease, a cause unto itself, simply no longer fits with what we know today about its causes.

That's the whole story of my life: frustration. It's a chronic disease, and it's incurable.

I was most incorrigibly devoted to versifying, and all my spouse's wholesome admonitions had no manner of effect on me; in short, I believe this scribbling itch is an incurable disease.

physical disability looms pretty large in one's life.

But it doesn't devour one wholly. I'm not, for instance, Ms. MS, a walking, talking embodiment of a chronic incurable degenerative disease.

The incessant anxiety and strain of some is a well-nigh incurable form of disease. We are made to exaggerate the importance of what we do; and yet how much is not done by us!