It is only on the basis of undiluted Nationalism and of perfect justice and impartiality that the Indian Army of Liberation can be built up.

— Subhas Chandra Bose

Valuable Indian Nationalism quotations

We’re not Indians and we’re not Native Americans.

We’re older than both concepts. We’re the people, we’re the human beings.

Indian nationalism quote When a nation becomes devoid of art and learning, it invites poverty. And when p
When a nation becomes devoid of art and learning, it invites poverty. And when poverty comes it brings in its wake of thousands of crimes.

Our nation is like a tree of which the original trunk is swarajya and the branches are swadeshi and boycott.

Indian nationalism quote The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.
The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.

We live in a highly competitive world - and we Indians have to struggle to catch up. So modesty is necessary, even if there is also a need for a certain amount of national pride. When it comes down to it, we have managed our country's economy poorly for long enough. There is really no reason to now think that we can conquer the world.

It is essential to our interest and the security of our colonies that the several nations or tribes of Indians... who live under our protection, should not be molested or disturbed.

I don't understand these national awards, because half of those who sit in judgement over Indian films do not... possess the competence to evaluate a film correctly.

A thoughtful mind, when it sees a nation's flag, sees not the flag, but the nation itself.

Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea.

It is the order of nature, and regret is useless. Your time of decay may be distant, but it will surely come, for even the White Man ... cannot be exempt from the common destiny.

It affords me sincere pleasure to be able to apprise you of the entire removal of the Cherokee Nation of Indians to their new homes west of the Mississippi.

Thanksgiving is for real Americans not Indians.

We founded this Christian nation. Why if it wasn’t for the God-fearing pilgrims, the natives would still be running around in loin cloths shooting at things with their arrows.

The fey in this country keep to themselves, and are a separate nation, much like the American Indians, but with even more autonomy.

Everybody should take each other as they are, white, black, Indians, Creole.

Then there would be no prejudice, nations would get along.

If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.

Everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round. In the old days when we were a strong and happy people, all our power came to us from the sacred hoop of the nation, and so long as the hoop was unbroken the people flourished.

I would like to say, for the record, that I am in favor of using more American Indians and other minorities in motion pictures, I am against polluting the oceans of the world, I am for every nationality having its own homeland, I am against whacking baby seals on the head, and I am for saving the whales.

Liberty is the breath of life to nations.

In establishment Indian and Pakistani thought, Kashmiris are defined as different from the nationals of the two countries.

There are big surfing communities in every country with an ocean coast that I know in Central and South America. Same with Mexico, Bali, and nearly every island nation that gets waves in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But that's a relatively recent development in most places.

Native people such as the Cherokees are just as human and complex and real as Americans are, and our nation needs to respect American Indian cultures and traditions.

Even though the American Indian Movement on a national-international scale has proven to be extremely dysfunctional, the American Indian Movement I was associated with I'm very proud of. We were a revolutionary, militant organization whose purpose was spirituality first, and that's how I want to be remembered.

South Africa is labouring to find its revolutionary path;

the colours of the Rainbow Nation have difficulty blending together; the wealthy elites (white, black or Indian) profit from de facto segregation.

The way to kill a man or a nation is to cut off his dreams, the way the whites are taking care of the Indians: killing their dreams, their magic, their familiar spirits.

One of my favorite places is the Maldives, an all-Muslim nation in the Indian Ocean with a culture that stretches back 5,000 years. But since the highest point in the archipelago is a meter or two above sea level, even the next hundred are not guaranteed. They've committed to becoming the first carbon-neutral nation on Earth by 2020, building windmills as fast as they can.

When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence.

I wear the national dress because it is the most natural and the most becoming for an Indian.

Indian democracy's greatest strength is that we have always put the nation above politics.

I'm not interested in, and not capable of, direct politics.

What I can do - I try to figure out the underlying principles. I'm interested in the psychological forces that divide Indian people as a nation.

The same goes for the refugees. Mrs.[Indira] Gandhi says ten million. It's obvious she started with that figure in order to legalize her offensive and invade East Pakistan. But when we invited the United Nations to check, the Indians were opposed. Why were they opposed? If the figure were exact, they shouldn't have been afraid of its being verified.

When I first decided to be a writer, that meant dealing with preoccupations and concerns that took little account of Indian traditions. I saw India's past as part of an antiquity rendered irrelevant by modernity, which with its science, nation states, free enterprises, and consumer societies was supposed to have solved all problems.

The white men despise the Indians, and drive them from their homes.

But the Indians are not deceitful. The white men speak bad of the Indian, and look at him spitefully. But the Indian does not tell lies; Indians do not steal. An Indian, who is as bad as the white men, could not live in our nation; he would be put to death, and eat up by the wolves.

The Indian Railways will become the growth engine of the nation's 'Vikas Yatra'.

Buddha is the crown jewel of the Indian nation which accepts all ways of worship of all religions. This quality of Hinduism in India was a product of many great spiritual masters chief among them was Buddha. And this is what sustains the secular character of India.

It is a tribute to Indian democracy that a person from a poor family, an ordinary family, is today addressing the nation from the Red Fort.

Final Satyagraha is inconceivable without an honorable peace between the several communities composing the Indian nation.

Indian nationalism is not exclusive, nor aggressive, nor destructive.