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There are professions more harmful than industrial design but only a few of them

— Victor Papanek

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I want industrial design to be a public subject.

I want people to love objects the way they love clothing.

Industrial design quote Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.
Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.

Most people think that George Nelson, Charles Eames and Eliot Noyes invented industrial design. That is, of course, an exaggeration. George did it without any assistance from the other two.

Industrial design quote Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.
Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.
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If we think about things having multiple lives, cradle to cradle, we could design things that can go back to either nature or back to industry forever.

Innovation comes ultimately from a diversity of perspectives.

So when you combine ideas from different industries or different cultures, that's when you have the best sense of developing groundbreaking ideas.

A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences.

So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have.

Industrial design quote Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak

The reason American cars don't sell anymore is that they have forgotten how to design the American Dream. What does it matter if you buy a car today or six months from now, because cars are not beautiful. That's why the American auto industry is in trouble: no design, no desire.

Indeed, our designs become more ambitious as we see the new possibilities created by the technology of other industries.

The fact that ACPI was designed by a group of monkeys high on LSD, and is some of the worst designs in the industry obviously makes running it at any point pretty damn ugly.

Industrial design quote Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

If you watched companies such as Sony and Samsung grow, they focused first on features and then on industrial design, which made their products look and feel better.

The fashion industry has an enormous amount to offer in what we do in industrial design because fashion is fast, fashion has its finger on the pulse. There are very few creative industries that work on that rhythm.

In business, standards establish the rules of the game, creating path dependencies as investments are made and corresponding designs are set in stone and plastic. Inferior standards can prevail due to smart marketing or industry collusion.

Industrial design quote If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone els
If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.

Over 95% of the designers who have ever lived are alive today.

Together, we have the power to define what professionalism in the communications industry will be about: helping increase market share or helping repair the World.

I'm involved in everything from highly progressive lighting systems to airline interiors. In the field of transportation I can go from the micro to the macro: architecture, transportation, industrial product design, right across the board. It's Russian dollism, because they all interrelate: one goes into the other.

Being in the design industry, I've tended to meet more people who are affected by HIV and AIDS.

Industrial design quote Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because the ide
Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because the idea wasn't theirs.

No wonder the film industry started in the desert in California where, like all desert dwellers, they dream their buildings, rather than design them.

The first 10 years of my professional life had only to do with running away from my father. He was a wonderful cabinet-maker, and me being the eldest son, I had to take over his shop, his profession and so on and so on. I tried to escape by going to art school and then going on to industrial design and then interior design.

I want to try and wear as many Australian designers as I can because I'd like to support my Australian colleagues in the industry as well as find things that are eco-friendly. I love the green concept of wearing more sustainable garments at events.

Industrial design quote Good design is as little design as possible.
Good design is as little design as possible.

From zoning to labor to food safety to insurance, local food systems daily face a phalanx of regulatory hurdles designed and implemented to police industrial food models but which prejudicially wipe out the antidote: appropriate scaled local food systems.

But the prospects of designing chemical plants for industrial scale chemical processes seemed far less interesting than the chemical events that occur in biological systems.

Industrial design keeps the customer happy, his client in the black and the designer busy.

Industrial design quote Design is where science and art break even.
Design is where science and art break even.

Everyone that works under the Coen brothers , in every department - makeup, hair, production design, wardrobe, so on and so forth, grip, lighting, tech, everything - they're the best. So to be on a set when you're working with the very best in the industry was a real privilege.

When I walk for a designer, I walk the ramp as Vijender Singh, the boxer.

I believe that by doing so, boxing will at least, in some way, get promoted in our entertainment industry. Plus, if cricketers can, why can't I?

The tragic effects of terrorism have forced the new-construction industry to re-evaluate traditional methods of fire protection in commercial infrastructures. That includes everything from building codes, to structural design issues and the less durable fireproofing materials currently specified for commercial steel structures.

Industrial design quote Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everythi
Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.

I think Chris Roberts is one of them, Will Wright's another, Peter Molyneux is another. They clearly exist, but on the whole, I think that the design talent in our industry is dramatically lower than we need, as an industry. It's a very hard skill to learn.

I've no grand designs to conquer the music industry, but I'd love to be able to tell my mates that I'm playing in a pub in Camden one night.

No one is calling any of these designers racist.

The act itself is racist. There were more black models working in the Seventies than there are in 2013. This a time when silence is not acceptable at all. If the conversation cannot be had publicly in our industry, then there is something inherently wrong.

Industrial design quote Design is thinking made visual.
Design is thinking made visual.

The gays like 'Project Runway' because it's a fashion, and the gays are into fashion and into design. It's a creative industry, and most of the gays are pretty creative, in general. That's just like the culture. We're not all into politics necessarily. We're more into the creative environment. I also think Heidi is a big draw. The boys love Heidi and think she's so fabulous. I just think it's a glitzy, fun show, and there are also always lots of gay boys on it, and, you know, that's fun.

For me I'm a luxury brand trying to prove to people and the industry that it's not about being a TV celebrity in any which way, it's about being a designer and having a business and being successful at that.

Few service industries are designed to be 24x7 in India, and thus there was no 24x7 mentality.

Industrial design quote Luck is the residue of design.
Luck is the residue of design.

Our co-founder and company president, Jim Levy, came from a record industry background and understood the marketing and promotion of artists as well as products. So the video game business went from absolutely zero designer credit to something approaching rock star promotion.

I don't subscribe to the view some people have in the industry that you should purposefully design products that do not last that long. I don't think it is good for anyone.

Now that I'm in the modeling industry, I'm taking reading magazines seriously.

I read the Vogue magazines. I make it my homework. I try to study the designers and the stylists when I have time, because I wasn't brought up in a household where I was surrounded by fashion.

Large multinational corporations, often acting through their industry lobbies, exert a powerful influence on the formulation of domestic rules and on their application - but their influence on supranational institutional design is even larger because it faces practically no opposition there.

I don't understand the fashion industry and the appeal of it.

I understand that there are some people who think it's important to them, and they're designers, they're artists, but there seems to be a disproportionate amount of our culture that's caught up in that and the red carpet stuff. It seems like there's a disproportionate amount of attention placed on that.