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War should be made a crime, and those who instigate it should be punished as criminals. — Charles Evans Hughes

No man ever did, nor ever shall, truly go forth to convert the nations, nor to prophesy in the present state of witnesses against Antichrist, but by the gracious inspiration and instigation of the Holy Spirit of God. — Roger Williams

Steve and I saw eye to eye on the story and I got the part, but I think in the beginning it was due to my brother's instigation. So I owe him for that. — Beau Bridges

I certainly was one of the instigators in the 1960s of freedom of expression. — Sally Kirkland

Recently though, our State Governments have discussed instigating a carbon trading scheme - the details are still to be decided - and that's an encouraging sign. — Peter Garrett

Monarchs ought to put to death the authors and instigators of war, as their sworn enemies and as dangers to their states. — Elizabeth I

Other than they may or may not have discussed the relative merits of the Electoral College vs. the popular vote, what I am told by sources close to Al Gore is that this was at the instigation of Ivanka Trump, that she reached out to the former vice president recently to discuss climate change, and that he was really impressed with the way she was thinking about the issue, framing the issue. — Karen Tumulty

If the cops come upon a mass murder attack that is clearly instigated by Islamic doctrine, they are not permitted to conclude that it is terrorism because they have been directed by their superiors in law enforcement to maintain that Islam is against terrorism. — Rush Limbaugh