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What are the best insurrection quotations?

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I'm totally down with insurrection in the street. I've had a great time with that over the years. Insurrection in the voting booth is the other part of the equation.

Jello Biafra

John Brown was tried for treason, murder, and inciting slaves to insurrection.

John Sergeant Wise

I respectfully suggest the propriety of having stationed at the arsenal a full company of U. S. troops, that they may be made available in any emergency, from fire, insurrection, or any thing else.

Thomas L. Smith

In the event of fire in any of the public buildings troops would be of vast service in the protection of public property, and should insurrection break out the protection of life and property would be more safe guarded by our company of regulars, than by the whole City.

Thomas L. Smith

When the government violates the people's rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties.

Marquis de Lafayette

John Brown's effort was peculiar. It was not a slave insurrection.

George Haven Putnam

Women are not so well united as to form an Insurrection. They are for the most part wise enough to love their Chains, and to discern how becomingly they fit.

Mary Astell

Insurrection by means of guerrilla bands is the true method of warfare for all nations desirous of emancipating themselves from a foreign yoke. It is invincible, indestructible.

Giuseppe Mazzini

Insurrection of thought always precedes insurrection of arms.

Wendell Phillips

Nullification means insurrection and war; and the other states have a right to put it down.

Andrew Jackson

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