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Picture quote by Tim Fargo about actions

Good intentions might sound nice, but it's positive actions that matter. ⏤ Tim Fargo

Picture quote by Henry Ford about reputation

You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do. ⏤ Henry Ford

Picture quote about self

I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions

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About intentions

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No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd only had good intentions; he had money as well.

Margaret Thatcher, leader

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.

Liberty Hyde Bailey, scientist

Hell isn't merely paved with good intentions; it's walled and roofed with them. Yes, and furnished too.

Aldous Huxley, novelist

One lives with so many bad deeds on one's conscience and some good intentions in one's heart.

John Dewey, philosopher

It is not cowardly, quite the contrary, to seek to meet the adversary and know his intentions. However, it is cowardly, shameful and treasonable to lay down arms.

King Hassan II, royalty

It's amazing how much you can learn if your intentions are truly earnest.

Chuck Berry, musician

I didn't have evil intentions, but I guess I did have power.

Harmon Killebrew, athlete

History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions.

Ted Koppel, journalist

I was very sorry when I found out that your intentions were good and not what I supposed they were.

Sitting Bull, tribal chief

The hardest task in a girl's life is to prove to a man that his intentions are serious.

Helen Rowland, writer

I think we're entering a very dangerous time. The West has set itself up, decided it's in charge, not for good intentions, not for the benefit of mankind.

Thom Yorke, musician

People with good intentions make promises, but people with good character keep them.

Joubert Botha,

Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.

Mahatma Gandhi, activist

I don't know anyone in the public eye who has not made a mistake and said something in a manner that does not truly reflect their intentions.

Jim Jeffords, politician

The intentions of record companies are not good, from the musician's perspective.

Melissa Auf der Maur, musician

I love being irreverent. But I hate being irrelevant. I love being irreverent because at the end of the day your actions belie your intentions.

Esai Morales, actor

So we knew their intentions were to strike in the United States. We also knew from other sources of dozens of examples of where the notion of using planes as weapons was discussed.

Richard Ben-Veniste, lawyer

I'm very skeptical about the good intentions of Milosevic.

Warren Christopher, lawyer

The place where the system and people's intentions meet is the political arena.

Peter Garrett, musician

We talked a lot about The Best Intentions and how we could shoot certain scenes in different ways with slightly different bits of dialogue and information, so that later on, we could cut the piece more easily and it would still feel complete, even though it was shorter.

Bille August, director

Naming a transition team varies with the intentions of the candidate; some candidates have been careful to name a transition team as much as a year in advance.

Richard V. Allen, public servant

Nothing is more unreliable than the populace, nothing more obscure than human intentions, nothing more deceptive than the whole electoral system.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman

I know my country has not perfected itself. At times, we've struggled to keep the promise of liberty and equality for all of our people. We've made our share of mistakes, and there are times when our actions around the world have not lived up to our best intentions.

Barack Obama, president

America has shown its evil intentions, and the proud Iraqi people cannot accept it. They must defend their rights by any means they see fit.

Muqtada al Sadr, clergyman

Designed by architects with honorable intentions but hands of palsy.

Jimmy Breslin, entertainer

Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.

T. S. Eliot, poet

…all of our good intentions will be wasted unless we are willing…to be beginners.

George Leonard, lawyer

Oh! this opponent, this collaborator against your will, whose notion of beauty always differs from yours and whose means are often too limited for active assistance to your intentions!

Alexander Alekhine, celebrity

But I learned first-hand how the news media operates by watching how they interpreted, changed, and misrepresented my intentions.

Joey Skaggs, celebrity

It is not enough to be well-intentioned; one must strive to put those intentions into action in a capable way. One must consider the effect his actions will have on others. Looked at like this, to persist in ignorance is itself dishonorable.

Andrew Cohen, writer

Mr. Chamberlain desires to avert the threat to England's peace by making England, in alliance with Germany, stronger than her rivals and so to force them to renounce their hostile intentions against her.

Bernhard von Bulow, statesman

There are a lot of movies I'd like to throw away. That's not to say that I went in with that attitude. Any film I ever started, I went in with all the hope and best intentions in the world, but some films just don't work.

Kiefer Sutherland, actor

But last year there were 540,000 people, roughly, detained coming across the border illegally. Forty-five thousand of them came from countries other than Mexico, demonstrating the fact that Mexico itself now is a pathway into the United States for people all around the world, and we don't know what their intentions are.

John Cornyn, politician

Ringer is the perfect balance of what audiences want ot see me do. It's Cruel Intentions meets Buffy.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, actress

One thing I've learned: My intentions are clear in terms of quality.

Elizabeth Berkley, actress

It's too late for me to get married before I'm famous. You never know people's intentions.

Carmelo Anthony, athlete

The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.

Albert Camus, philosopher

A garden is a complex of aesthetic and plastic intentions; and the plant is, to a landscape artist, not only a plant - rare, unusual, ordinary or doomed to disappearance - but it is also a color, a shape, a volume or an arabesque in itself.

Roberto Burle Marx, environmentalist

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.

Peter Drucker, consultant

I'm delirious with joy. It proves that if you confront the universe with good intentions in your heart, it will reflect that and reward your intent. Usually. It just doesn't always do it in the way you expect.

J. Michael Straczynski, producer

The Senate is a place filled with goodwill and good intentions, and if the road to hell is paved with them, then it's a pretty good detour.

Hubert H. Humphrey, politician

You have to think an awful lot about your motivations or people's behavioral intentions or what their body language can indicate or what's really going on or what makes people sometimes do, sometimes, the irrational things they do.

Ron Silver, actor

Kubrick never explained the ending to us, or what his intentions were. He didn't intend for it to be a predictable film.

Keir Dullea, actor

The most difficult thing is the organization of people and the expression of your intentions. It's very easy to have a picture in your head and to imagine that you've told everybody about what you need.

Neil Jordan, director

Intentions count in your actions.

Abu Bakr, leader

I had, before I went to college, I had taken a few years off after high school and really had, I guess in those days, I had no intentions of going to college.

Duane G. Carey, astronaut

So confident am I in the intentions, as well as wisdom, of the government, that I shall always be satisfied that what is not done, either cannot, or ought not to be done.

Thomas Jefferson, president

I think I can deceive people. I'm like, the nice, sweet girl when you meet me. And I don't have any bad intentions. But I'm a bad girl too.

Alicia Silverstone, actress

A key to the mentality of the left is that it judges itself by its best intentions, and judges its opponents - America chief among them - by their worst deeds.

David Horowitz, writer

The test of a belief is not exclusively in the belief itself, but also in the intentions and actions of those who embrace it.

Bryant H. McGill, poet

When I got on the airplane in Indonesia coming to Japan, my intentions was to turn myself in to the military for the simple reason I would like to put my daughters with their mother, one thing. Another thing, I'd like to clear my conscience.

Robert Jenkins, soldier

Since the end of the nineteenth century, if not earlier, presidents have misled the public about their motives and their intentions in going to war.

Robert Higgs, economist

Any agreement that you have isn't going to be based on North Korea's intentions or trust.

Mitchell Reiss, diplomat

It strikes me there's a bunch of people in power who have really strong intentions of running the world and adjusting the world to exactly how they see it.

Colin Hay, musician

My hatred is a thousand times more powerful than all your good intentions.

Jim Goad, author

Yeah, I really like being alive. But I definitely don't have any intentions as an artist.

John Frusciante, musician

I am interested in the study of music and the discipline of music and the experience of music and music as a esoteric mechanism to continue my real intentions.

Anthony Braxton, musician

It has never demonstrated any desire to provide humane treatment to captured Americans. If anything, the murders of Nicholas Berg and Daniel Pearl declare al Qaeda's intentions to kill even innocent civilian prisoners.

John Yoo, educator

Artists, no matter how good their intentions, are always slower than they think.

Mark Millar, writer

Let them be reassured, it has never been one of our intentions to ban religion in society, but solely to protect the national education system from any conspicuous display of religious affiliation.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin, politician

You can pour holy oil and holy water on a thug until you have emptied buckets of both; but at the end he will be a consecrated thug, but a thug all the same unless interior intentions and a disciplined man are present.

William H. O'Connell, clergyman

In the end, a small section of the crowd, maybe 2,000 to 3,000, turned against me. And that was it. Inside the club they know your best intentions, but the minority shout louder than the rest.

Bryan Robson, athlete

Our intentions may be very good, but, because the intelligence is limited, the action may turn out to be a mistake - a mistake, but not necessarily a sin, for sin comes out of a wrong intention.

E. Stanley Jones, theologian

Continuing a Lenten series on prayer: Prayer is co-operation with God. It is the purest exercise of the faculties God has given us - an exercise that links these faculties with the Maker to work out the intentions He had in mind in their creation.

E. Stanley Jones, theologian

Our actions are the results of our intentions and our intelligence.

E. Stanley Jones, theologian

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