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The secret of ugliness consists not in irregularity, but in being uninteresting. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clocks will go as they are set, but man, irregular man, is never constant, never certain. — Thomas Otway

The irregular and intimate quality of things made entirely by the human hand. — Willa Cather

I don't think I'm easy to talk about. I've got a very irregular head. And I'm not anything that you think I am anyway. — Syd Barrett

It's a great advantage not to drink among hard-drinking people. You can hold your tongue and, moreover, you can time any little irregularity of your own so that everybody else is so blind that they don't see or care. — Unknown

Man hath still either toys or care: But hath no root, nor to one place is tied, but ever restless and irregular, about this earth does run and ride. He knows he hath a home, but scarce knows where; He says it is so far, that he has quite forgot how to go there — Henry Vaughan

How happy the lot of the mathematician! He is judged solely by his peers, and the standard is so high that no colleague or rival can ever win a reputation he does not deserve. No cashier writes a letter to the press complaining about the incomprehensibility of Modern Mathematics and comparing it unfavorably with the good old days when mathematicians were content to paper irregularly shaped rooms and fill bathtubs without closing the waste pipe. — W. H. Auden

If we were to ask the brain how it would like to be treated, whether shaken at a random, irregular rate, or in a rhythmic, harmonious fashion, we can be sure that the brain, or for that matter the whole body, would prefer the latter. — Itzhak Bentov