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If we only discuss issues with people who agree with us, we stop learning and become self-righteous.

On one issue at least, men and women agree; they both distrust women. — H. L. Mencken

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. — Mark Twain

In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. — George Orwell

When writing about transcendental issues, be transcendentally clear. — Rene Descartes

All stories interest me, and some haunt me until I end up writing them. Certain themes keep coming up: justice, loyalty, violence, death, political and social issues, freedom. — Isabel Allende

Issuing an insurance policy against abduction by aliens seems a pretty safe bet. — Stephen Hawking

Try to find your deepest issue in every confusion, and abide by that. — D. H. Lawrence

In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. — Albert Einstein