quote by Wendy Kaminer

Jargon seems to be the place where the right brain and the left brain meet.

— Wendy Kaminer

Killer Jargon quotations

Ours is the age of substitutes: Instead of language we have jargon;

instead of principles, slogans; and instead of genuine ideas, bright suggestions.

Audiences forget facts, but they remember stories.

Once you get past the jargon, the corporate world is an endless source of fascinating stories.

If an opinion can eventually go to the determination of a practical belief, it, in so far, becomes itself a practical belief; and every proposition that is not pure metaphysical jargon and chatter must have some possible bearing upon practice.

Human relationships are about communicating.

Business jargon should be banished in favor of simple English. Simplicity is a sign of truth and a criterion of beauty. Complexity can be a way of hiding the truth.

We do not need French post-structuralism, whose pedantic jargon, clumsy convolutions, and prissy abstractions have spread throughout academe and the arts and are now blighting the most promising minds of the next generation. This is a major crisis if there ever was one, and every sensible person must help bring it to an end.

To me the gospel is not a great mass of theological jargon.

It is a simple and beautiful and logical thing, with one quiet truth following another in orderly sequence. I do not fret over the mysteries. I do not worry whether the heavenly gates swing or slide. I am only concerned that they open.

Many (Christians) have zeal without knowledge, enthusiasm without enlightenment.

In more modern jargon, they are keen but clueless.

The General Theory was not truly revolutionary at all but merely old and oft-refuted mercantilist and inflationist fallacies dressed up in shiny new garb, replete with newly constructed and largely incomprehensible jargon.

My people have very subtle slang, inflections and ways of saying things that has little to do with words. If you're from the same place, you'll feel the jargon and know exactly what's happening. Same with any neighborhood cat. What he sees and hears and feels and lives makes him what he is. That's what blues is.

Ancient philosophy proposed to mankind an art of living.

By contrast, modern philosophy appears above all as the construction of a technical jargon reserved for specialists.

Never let me hear that foolish word again.

When it comes to scientific matters the ready talkers simply run riot.

There are a lot of pseudo-scientists who with a little technical jargon to spatter through their talk are always getting in the limelight... The less they know the surer they are about it.

I'm bilingual. I speak English and I speak educationese.

For one man who can introduce another to Jesus Christ by the way he lives and by the atmosphere of his life, there are a thousand who can only talk jargon about him

Clutter is the disease of American writing.

In the old days, words like sin and Satan had a moral certitude.

Today, they're replaced with self-help jargon, words like dysfunction and antisocial behavior, discouraging any responsibility for one's actions.

You can't write about people out of textbooks, and you can't use jargon.

You have to speak clearly and simply and purely in a language that a six-year-old child can understand; and yet have the meanings and the overtones of language, and the implications, that appeal to the highest intelligence.

I prefer the honest jargon of reality to the outright lies of books.

I suggest to young professors that their first work should be written in a jargon only to be understood by the erudite few. With that behind them, they can ever after say what they have to say in a language 'understand of the people.'

I don't get into 'becauses.' When you come into a studio you see a number of works. My habit is to go to the one I like most. If you start to say, 'because,' you get into art jargon.

Jargon is the verbal sleight of hand that makes the old hat seem newly fashionable; it gives an air of novelty and specious profundity to ideas that, if stated directly, would seem superficial, stale, frivolous, or false. The line between serious and spurious scholarship is an easy one to blur, with jargon on your side.

I think we invent jargon because it saves times talking to one-another.

Jargon is making it increasingly hard to understand what a public figure is actually trying to say

It was pleasant to talk shop again; to use that elliptical, allusive speech that one uses only with another of one's trade.

Words of the jargon sound as if they said something higher than what they mean.

The attempt of Lavoisier to reform chemical nomenclature is premature.

One single experiment may destroy the whole filiation of his terms; and his string of sulphates, sulphites, and sulphures, may have served no end than to have retarded the progress of science by a jargon, from the confusion of which time will be requisite to extricate us.

Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession.

Aim for brevity while avoiding jargon.

Yet Aristotle's excellence of substance, so far from being associated with the grand style, is associated with something that at times comes perilously near jargon.

I dislike literary jargon and never use it.

Criticism has only one function and that is to help readers read and understand literature. It is not a science, it is an aid to art.

I don't know that I could do a procedural legal drama and spend all my time in a courtroom talking legal jargon that I don't necessarily understand.

To conceal a want of real ideas, many make for themselves an imposing apparatus of long compound words, intricate flourishes and phrases, new and unheard-of expressions, all of which together furnish an extremely difficult jargon that sounds very learned. Yet with all this they say-precisely nothing.

In Manhattan last month I heard a woman borrowing the jargon of junkies to say to another, 'Want to do some chocolate?'

Closed timelike curve is the jargon for time travel.

It means you go out, come back and meet yourself in the past.