Lavish Jesus Freak quotations

I've come to view Jesus much the way I view Elvis.

I love the guy but the fan clubs really freak me out.

Probably the label 'Jesus freak' is fine with me. Because I know who I am.

I'm not a Jesus freak, I'm not a satan worshipper. I'm a contradiction, a juxtaposition.

Jesus Christ would have been considered just another long-haired hippie freak if he hadn't been crucified. The folks weren't impressed with healing the sick, feeding the multitudes bread and fish or anything else, except maybe the walking on water. But when he got crucified, that gave him his big start.

You could say that to the pope. I want to talk to you about Jesus. He'd be like, easy, freak.

After initially trying to defend his remarks about gun-toting, tabacky-chewing, bitter Jesus freaks, Barack Obama is now backpedaling furiously.

Why is the world round? Why do the suckas bite? Why do the freaks come out at night? Why they paint Jesus white? I sit and wonder why we breakin hip-hop laws, Doing videos in houses that we know ain't yours.