quote by Don Van Vliet

Johnny Rotten. He's a big fan of mine. I used to see him out in the audience in England and he'd stand up and holler. He's funny. Smart too, and a nice guy. Don't think he's a jerk because he isn't.

— Don Van Vliet

Scandalous Johnny Rotten quotations

I pretty much grew up when punk was big in the UK.

The Sex Pistols were heroes for me. I used to run around like Johnny Rotten. I had a jacket like his.

Punk and all that was just an image that ripped people off.

Johnny Rotten's a wanker, and that's all there is to it.

Johnny Rotten isn't punk. Maybe that's punk to somebody, but these people are participating and challenging the corporations that are telling us what punk is and what good music is.

When I started out, everyone seemed to be adopting these names.

.. Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious. I wasn't really Rotten or Vicious or Nasty, so I wanted something a bit more funny - yet something that seemed real rock 'n' roll... something that acknowledged my ambition.

The first Van Halen album makes Johnny Rotten out to be what he really was and still is: a hairdresser.

No matter what Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious do, they can't be more disgusting than The Rolling Stones are in an orgy of biting.

Joe Strummer, Johnny Rotten, and Ian MacKaye were all people who really made me see things differently.

I think maybe what happened was the convenience of technology overshadowed the experience of holding an album in your hands, and sitting on your bedroom floor, and staring at a picture of John Lennon or Gene Simmons or Johnny Rotten. That tangible experience can sometimes become an even more emotional experience, because it's really happening.

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