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Language ought to be the joint creation of poets and manual workers. — George Orwell

We didn't have a garage to rehearse in. We had to aggravate the folks in the house. But I got a chance to play in a beer joint, and that's how it started. — Charlie Daniels

Joint undertakings stand a better chance when they benefit both sides. — Euripides

During my time we had two chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, at different times of course, on the bridge, both of whom asked my permission to sit on the captain's chair. — Patrick Stewart

The time is out of joint. O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right! — William Shakespeare

Trouble has no necessary connection with discouragement. Discouragement has a germ of its own, as different from trouble as arthritis is different from a stiff joint. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

I've never heard of anybody smoking a joint and going on a rampage. It makes you lie around on the floor and look at the ceiling. What's wrong with that? — Billy Bob Thornton

What I love about Brooklyn is there are more wonderful little joints than anywhere. — Arthur Schwartz