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I could take over as host of The Daily Show for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.

— Seth Rollins

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The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.

My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind.

..and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge. That's why I read so much Jon Snow.

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I love doing stuff with Todd Barry and Jon Benjamin.

We give the stage to good bands and funny people.

Every person born into the world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique....If there had been someone like her in the world, there would have been no need for her to be born." --Martin Buber as quoted in Narrative Means for Sober Ends, by Jon Diamond, p.78

We changed the name from Sex Gang Children to Culture Club because Jon Moss, our drummer, went to L.A. on holiday and took some demo tapes with him. -Everyone loved the music but nobody liked the name. I -remember getting a postcard from Jon from L.A. saying, "I don't think America's ready for the Sex Gang Children."

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Jon Davis was a fan and came out on stage with us somewhere in the Midwest and came out in a Suicide Silence shirt and a kilt and did his thing.

We look up at the same stars and see such different things." - Jon Snow

I was real into Devo, Pavement, Captain Beefheart, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The names Lillian Smith, Eric Dazey, Jon Bullock, and Clari Higginson may mean nothing to most people but the mean the world to me. Of all my years in school, these are the teachers who challenged me to get better everyday and whole-heartedly believed in my dreams. The support they gave me was priceless and life changing.

Jon Davis of Korn and Frank Mullen of Suffocation are one of my favorite bands and from that moment, we started a conversation and lead to the song.

[Ed Grimley] lives in a retirement home in New Jersey.

It's called the Retirement Home in New Jersey for Characters Who Were Interesting in the '80s for About an Hour. He's there with the Whiners, Gumby and Jon Lovitz's 'That's the ticket' guy.

Jon Stewart kills me. I love him. And Bill Maher. He does an hour on HBO. But entirely political. It is awfully rough, but he does make me laugh.

Sometimes. I get recognized, but I'm not really a famous famous. I'm pretty low on the showbiz totem pole - I mean, I'm no Jon or Kate plus eight. I'm just a comic, not a baby factory.

UFC 151 will be remembered as the event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.

Want to discover the truth about deception in therapy? Jeffrey Kottler and Jon Carlson have collected a formable collection of old pros whose compelling prose sheds light on an important, but previously unexplored, subtext that permeates psychotherapy. Don't fool yourself: The roadmap to avoid being duped is contained within.

It didn't seem fair to me that Jon Stewart's rally didn't get the same kind of attention that Glenn Beck's did. Why was Beck's seen as checking the thermometer of the country, and Jon Stewart just dismissed as a satirist?

We will fight a battle, and then we will rest. Alive or dead, we'll rest." - Jon Snow

Do you have any idea how many lives we must have gone through before we even got the first idea that there is more to life than eating, or fighting, or power in the Flock? A thousand lives, Jon, ten thousand!

Why, Jon, why?" his mother asked. "Why is it so hard to be like the rest of the flock, Jon? Why can't you leave low flying to the pelicans, the alhatross? Why don't you eat? Son, you're bone and feathers!" "I don't mind being bone and feathers mom. I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I can't, that's all. I just want to know.

On the other track I got to talk with Jon Poll, my editor, and we go into more detail about the decisions we made in both the production and the post-production. So I hope the combination becomes something worth collecting.

To go from Jon Favreau for Iron Man 1 and 2 to Kenneth Branagh for Thor and the very different world of Thor, it's about how to adapt to Coulson in a different setting and a different world while, at the same time, still have him be a part of the same world.

The physicality was important to me. Because the film has Shane Black's dialogue, and [Robert] Downey's delivery, and you look at [Jon] Favreau, Don Cheadle and Gwyneth [Paltrow], it is this heightened level with a comedic aspect to it. Everything is grounded in reality, but it plays a little heightened.

Adventure books are my personal favorites.

'The Endurance,' a story about Ernest Shackleton's legendary Antarctica expedition, or 'Into Thin Air,' Jon Krakauer's personal account of the 1996 disaster on Mt Everest, are two notables.

Jon passes from Darkness to Light.

You can't get all of your news from Jon Stewart, especially since it's a comedy show.

Everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Jon Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.

Meditation is simply about being yourself and knowing about who that is.

It is about coming to realize that you are on a path whether you like it or not, namely the path that is your life. - Jon Kabat

Lord Snow wants to take my place now.

' He sneered. 'I'd have an easier time teaching a wolf to juggle than you will training this aurochs.' 'I'll take that wager, Ser Alliser', Jon said. 'I'd love to see Ghost juggle.

‎[Melisandre] "His Grace is growing fond of you.

" [Jon] "I can tell. He only threatened to behead me twice." Page 58

I think it does because if you think of where "The Daily Show" was when I inherited it from Jon Stewart, I was in a space where, essentially, everything seemed like it was on track, you know, in terms of - from a progressive point of view, you know, you're looking at Republicans who, yes, were in control of many facets of government.

While at Cal Tech I talked a lot with Jon Mathews, then a junior faculty member;

he taught me how to use the Institute's computer; we also went on hikes together.

Jon Stewart says that he was a little kid with a big head.

He had very little athletic ability. He went out to the soccer field, and it was awful.

I can totally identify with the younger kids.

I'll never do what Jon Spencer did to me when I was 16, though. I made a tape with my friends and I put it onstage right near his mic stand by the pedal board and he pulled it out with his foot, kicked it to the center of the stage, looked me in the eye and stomped it to pieces.