Quotations list about joplin, bluesy and hendrix captions for Instagram citing Cyndi Lauper, Eddie Money and Bryan White missouri sayings.

When I got hoarse, the manager would say, 'Drink this. Joplin used to drink this,' and I used to say, 'Joplin? Joplin's dead.
— Cyndi Lauper

I've always loved the blues, John Lee Hooker, Janis joplin, Hendrix.
Eddie Money joplin quote

I remember my mom dressed like Janis Joplin.
— Bryan White

Janis Joplin is definitely one of my biggest influences. She taught me how to feel music, and I don't think there's anyone like her that could bring such pain and emotion to a song.
— LeAnn Rimes

I know about Woodstock probably as much as your average person who is over 30, where I'd know Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead.
— joplin quotation by Demetri Martin