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James Joyce - an essentially private man who wished his total indifference to public notice to be universally recognized.

Tom Stoppard, dramatist

I'm not one of those James Joyce intellectuals who can stand back and look at the whole edifice... It was a slow process for me to just crawl out of it, like a snake leaving his skin behind.

Frank McCourt, author

Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.

James Joyce, novelist

Joyce for all his devotion to his art, terrible in its austerity, was a lad born with a song on one side of him, a dance on the other; two gay guardian angels every human ought to have.

Sean O'Casey, playwright

Chuck Norris doesn't need to understand the work of James Joyce; James Joyce needs to understand the work of Chuck Norris.

Brian Celio, novelist

And if he had judged her harshly? If her life were a simple rosary of hours, her life simple and strange as a bird's life, gay in the morning, restless all day, tired at sundown? Her heart simple and willful as a bird's heart?

James Joyce, novelist

James Joyce was a synthesizer, trying to bring in as much as he could. I am an analyzer, trying to leave out as much as I can.

Samuel Beckett, playwright

Shakespeare said pretty well everything and what he left out, James Joyce, with a judge from meself, put in.

Brendan Behan, dramatist

Joyce is a poet and also an elephantine pedant.

George Orwell, author

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