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Welcome...to Jurassic Park!

— Michael Crichton

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Yeah but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn't stop to think if they should.

Jurassic park quote The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.
The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking spaces.
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Whatever it is you seek, you have to put in the time, the practice, the effort.

You must give up a lot to get it. It has to be very important to you. And once you have attained it, it is your power. It can't be given away : it resides in you. It is literally the result of your discipline.

Jurassic park quote The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces.
The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces.

Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.

If people knew where the sounds in Jurassic Park came from, it'd be rated R!

No. I'm simply saying that life, uh, finds a way.

Jurassic park quote Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.
Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.

I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask that they pay for them.

I would say Steven Spielberg is family to me.

He's a genius. We survived a hurricane together. I ran from half-puppet,half-nothing creatures. It was months of our life as family. It was the wildest film, Jurassic Park, I'd ever worked on that way.

Almost all of my graduate students say that they got interested in dinosaurs because of 'Jurassic Park.'

Computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park, that is.

There are no black film composers doing the likes of Star Wars, doing the likes of E.T., doing the likes of Jurassic Park. There are none, nor will there ever be one. That ain't about to happen!

By the way, it was his simulations that helped out in Jurassic Park - without them, there would have been only a few dinosaurs. Based on his techniques, Industrial Light and Magic could make whole herds of dinosaurs race across the screen.

I’ve watched Jurassic Park twice in my life – once when I was six and the second time a couple of weeks ago. It inspired me to think about how gaps in time change our way of perceiving.

My aura is psychedelic, flow non-prehistoric metamorphic boric like acid no hat tricks a classic so park that ass like Jurassic

God help us we're in the hands of engineers.

Life will find a way.

I've done movies for certain reasons;

I did 'Anaconda' because the black man lives. Simple. The black man isn't dead in the first three pages, like Jurassic Park. It's like, 'The black man kills the snake with a Latino girl? Damn! I got to do this.'

I think we must ask ourselves if this is really what we want to do to God's creation, to drive it to extinction? Because extinction really is irreversible; species that go extinct are lost forever. This is not like Jurassic Park. We can't bring them back.

There are companies which are prepared to change the way they work.

They realize that nothing can be based on what used to be, that there is a better way. But, 99 percent of companies are not ready, [they are] caught in an industrial Jurassic Park.

I love watching Hollywood movies - I just don't know if I'd be happy doing a Jurassic Park.

You've never heard of Chaos theory? Non-linear equations? Strange attractors? Ms. Sattler, I refuse to believe you're not familiar with the concept of attraction.

Living systems are never in equilibrium.

They are inherently unstable. They may seem stable, but they’re not. Everything is moving and changing. In a sense, everything is on the edge of collapse.

The only time I have a good hunch the audience is going to be there is when I make the sequel to 'Jurassic Park' or I make another Indiana Jones movie. I know I've got a good shot at getting an audience on opening night. Everything else that is striking out into new territory is a crap shoot.

Anyway, there's plenty of room for doubt.

It might seem easy enough, but computer language design is just like a stroll in the park....Jurassic Park, that is.

We have discovered that dinosaur DNA, and all DNA, just breaks down too fast.

We're just not going to be able to do what they did in 'Jurassic Park.'

I think it's really cool that videogames are getting more and more sophisticated and believable, and that people who worked on movies are being asked to art direct and design video games and characters, so they look better and better. When I see Jurassic Park on the screen, I predicted that games would be able to create a virtual experience that was just as real as the movies - we're not quite there yet, but it's getting better all the time.

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think it really picks up where the other film left off. It's true to the format. A lot of times, sequels get overblown for the sake of doing it. Even in the trailer, 'there's eight people in the house', that's just the worst thing you can promote in a sequel. Two people, now there's eight, it's like Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs playing video games.

Saving the world via medical research or going off to Gobi Desert to dust off dinosaur eggs is what I thought I might be doing when I was a kid, and Id love to bring those interests to a show like E.R. or The West Wing, or a movie like Jurassic Park.

I love stories where the impossible appears believable, plausible and real.

Maybe it's silly, but it's one of the reasons Michael Crichton's writing always appealed to me: he took outlandish ideas and made them seem completely within the realm of possibility. I remember reading "Jurassic Park" and feeling like: "Oh, yeah - no, that's totally happening right now. They're bringing back dinosaurs!"

I'm as guilty as anyone, because I helped to herald the digital era with Jurassic Park. But the danger is that it can be abused to the point where nothing is eye-popping any more.

I wonder if we are seeing a return to the object in the science-based museum.

Since any visitor can go to a film like Jurassic Park and see dinosaurs reawakened more graphically than any museum could emulate, maybe a museum should be the place to have an encounter with the bony truth. Maybe some children have overdosed on simulations on their computers at home and just want to see something solid--a fact of life.

(When asked merely if they accept evolution, 45 percent of Americans say yes.

The figure is 70 percent in China.) When the movie Jurassic Park was shown in Israel, it was condemned by some Orthodox rabbis because it accepted evolution and because it taught that dinosaurs lived a hundred million years ago-when, as is plainly stated at every Rosh Hashonhan and every Jewish wedding ceremony, the Universe is less than 6,000 years old.

As those who have seen Jurassic Park will know, this means a tiny disturbance in one place, can cause a major change in another. A butterfly flapping its wings can cause rain in Central Park, New York. The trouble is, it is not repeatable. The next time the butterfly flaps its wings, a host of other things will be different, which will also influence the weather. That is why weather forecasts are so unreliable.

They don't have intelligence. They have what I call 'thintelligence.' They see the immediate situation. They think narrowly and they call it 'being focused.' They don't see the surround. They don't see the consequences.

God creates dinosaurs, God kills dinosaurs, God creates man, man kills God, man brings back dinosaurs.