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Though the names 'karma', 'yoga' and 'sannyasa' are different, the truth at the heart of both is the same.

— Vinoba Bhave

Simplistic Karma Yoga quotations

Yoga means we take responsibility for the tasks in our life.

Whatever we are supposed to have karmically, life gives us. The question is: how do we handle it?

Karma yoga quote Everything you need, you courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you
Everything you need, you courage, strength, compassion and love; everything you need is already within you.

Who cares for your bhakti and mukti? Who cares what your scriptures say? I will go into a thousand hells cheerfully if I can rouse my countrymen, immersed in tamas, to stand on their own feet and be men inspired with the spirit of karma-yoga. I am a follower only of he or she who serves and helps others without caring for his own bhakti and mukti!

Karma yoga quote How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
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The path of bhakti, karma and love as expounded in the Gita leaves no room for the despising of man by man.

Selfless giving reminds us that there is an eternally present spirit in all of us, that when revealed, liberates us from both the transitory and the eternal - both of which ultimatly can be attachments.

A saint is someone who has been very selfless and, over a period of lifetimes, generated a tremendous amount of good karma, which has caused them to enter into very lovely states of mind.

Karma yoga quote How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

Krishna says, fight. He says, go out in the battlefield and kill those people whom it's your job to kill.

Jnana, bhakti, yoga and karma - these are the four paths which lead to spiritual freedom. One must follow the path for which one is best suited. But in this age, special stress should be laid on karma yoga.

The secret of karma yoga which is to perform actions without any fruitive desires is taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita.

Karma yoga quote A little girl seeks revenge. A woman moves on whole karma does her dirty work.
A little girl seeks revenge. A woman moves on whole karma does her dirty work.

Arjuna is a warrior of great renown, says he won't fight.

He tells Krishna: I can't fight because I love these people. It's immoral. It's unjust. There's no winning.

We have two choices in life: One is to fulfill ourselves.

The other is to take the time and energy that we would utilize in fulfilling ourselves and use it to make others happy.

The short way to happiness is through kindness and sensitivity.

Karma yoga quote The purpose of  is to stop the misery before it comes.
The purpose of is to stop the misery before it comes.

There is the path of karma, selfless action, the path of love and devotion, the path of training the mind and the path of Yoga, mantra and tantra this is what the various saints advocated.

Be kind; you're only here for a while. No sense of superiority, just do things for others. It's really fun.

Arjuna, who is the fearless waririor in the story is a very wordly indvidual, we assume with high past lives.

Karma yoga quote Yoga doesn't take time, It gives time.
Yoga doesn't take time, It gives time.

When you practice selfless giving, you're in balance and harmony with everything.

I don't feel the need for religion. But I went on a yoga retreat last year and I do believe slightly in the karma thing and just being good and true unto yourself. And I slightly believe that you can attract good and bad to you.

Krishna suprises Arjuna. He says go fight, go kill. Do this because it's only play money. You can't kill your friends any more than they can kill you.

It's a civil war, and Arjuna knows a lot of people who are on the opposite side of the battlefield - they've been his friends.

Do something nice for somebody. Do something nice for God. Do something nice for the earth - and don't expect anything in return or you will suffer.

Meditation is the ultimate selfless act, because when you meditate you are sacrificing your puny personality for the universal reality.

We're not aware of the joy of our own immortality.

When we give to someone else it opens a doorway and gives us the vision to see those we give to are God. As we see this in others, suddenly we see it within ourselves.

I have written and spoken my thoughts over many years.

Now I'm on new ground and spirit. I want to bring these together. Things like karma yoga, bhakti yoga, conscious dying, conscious aging. Consciousness.

Have the courage to be selfless in a world were such qualities are not admired.

Dare to be differnt. Be crazy!

Those who pursue a worldy life - who try to get others to do what they want, to peform for them, who use and abuse in the name of their own happiness - are miserable.

Selfless giving is friendliness. An attitude towards life, a reverence for life. It is one of the highest of all ways.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, a dialogue ensues in the middle of a battlefield, symbolizing the battlefield of life which we are fighting through our illusions.

Self-giving means that we have to understand the nature of giving.

When most people give, they give expecting a return on their investment.

If your nature is infinite awareness trapped in a body, suddenly there's a lack of happiness, a lack of freedom. No matter what you get you'll never be happy, because these are all trinkets.

We hide in relationships. We hide in material possessions. We hide in ambitions, secret desires, hates, frustrations, jealousy, self-ptiy, in our insecurity - and more than anything our vanity and our egotism.

The "Bhagavad Gita" is actually a very good text for yoga - the yoga of love, the yoga of action or karma, the yoga of understanding of intellect, and the yoga of reflection and meditation. I think it's a very important map for understanding the nature of consciousness.

There are certain yoga laws and principles that are, shall we say, less tangible than others. For example, the law of karma. Science has proven what goes up must come down, but that's about as far as it's gone. To believe that for every action, word, and thought, there is an equal consequence takes something more intuitive, more personal; it's more metaphysical.

As a yoga practitioner with some understanding of how karma works, you have to ask the question, "If I am seeking liberation, will it serve my purpose to rob other beings of their freedom?"

Through yoga practice you can change the course of your life by purifying your karma. But to do that you must have an idea of where you've been and where you want to go.

When this life ends, I will be absorbed back into you.

I have come forth from you . You are all good and you know all that there is. So please act in me and through me at every moment and every second. Let me be but an extension of your being. Teach me how to live and love selflessly, at all times.