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There is no such thing as a former KGB man.

— Vladimir Putin

Provocative Kgb quotations

In Russia we only had two TV channels.

Channel One was propaganda. Channel Two consisted of a KGB officer telling you: Turn back at once to Channel One.

Let's say a Soviet exchange student back in the '70s would go back and tell the KGB about people and places and things that he'd seen and done and been involved with. This is not really espionage; there's no betrayal of trust.

I've met enough KGB colonels in my life.

Perhaps my information hurt the Soviet Union more than it helped.

I have no idea. It was not something I ever discussed with the KGB officers that I was dealing with.

I saw a limit to what I was giving as kind of a scam I was running on the KGB, by giving them people that I knew were their double agents fed to us.

The only thing I ever withheld from the KGB were the names of two agents whom I personally had known and handled and had a particular feeling for.

... to say that the CIA and the KGB engage in similar practices is the equivalent of saying that the man who pushes an old lady into the path of a hurtling bus is not to be distinguished from the man who pushes an old lady out of the path of a hurtling bus: on the grounds that, after all, in both cases someone is pushing old ladies around.

The childless experts on child raising also bring tears of laughter to my eyes when they say, I love children because they're so honest. There is not an agent in the CIA or the KGB who knows how to conceal the theft of food, how to fake being asleep, or how to forge a parent's signature like a child.

The British secret service was staffed at one point almost entirely by alcoholic homosexuals working for the KGB

The revolution is an amalgam of former Party functionaries, quasi- democrats, KGB officers, and black-market wheeler-dealers, who are standing in power now and have represented a dirty hybrid unseen in world history

How can I be a gangster, if I worked for the KGB? It is absolutely ridiculous.

Now it's of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. ...and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish Bankers.

We should be I hope finally realizing what Vladimir Putin is.

He's an old colonel, KGB, apparatchik, and he dreams of the restoration of the Russian empire.

Nobody ever leaves the KGB, by the way.

Once you're there, no matter what you say you've done next, nobody ever leaves the KGB.

All mathematics is divided into three parts: cryptography (paid for by CIA, KGB and the like), hydrodynamics (supported by manufacturers of atomic submarines) and celestial mechanics (financed by military and other institutions dealing with missiles, such as NASA).

Putin did not head the KGB, never has.

Putin was a mid-level nobody there. Putin was one of those guys in the KGB who was a climber. He was forever hoping, climbing that ladder, trying to get to the head spot.

Of course the biggest mafia in Russia has always been the government;

in Soviet times, the Communist Party, and now a circle of former KGB and FSB.

KGB was inseparable part of the Soviet Union and the whole structure of the Soviet society. We believe that the achievements of the Soviet Union and of the Soviet society, it's main achievements until the split in 1991, it was at the same time the main achievements of the KGB, because it was working for the same cause.

In the past it would take you weeks, if not months, to identify how Iranian activists connect to each other. Now you know how they connect to each other by looking at their Facebook page. KGB ... used to torture in order to get this data.

You would think that if neoliberals were in any way honest, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the first thing to do is get rid of the Red Army and the KGB, and build up the economy. Instead, they just get rid of the economy and keep the military and the KGB.

We don't have an appreciable American left any more in the United States.

What I saw of the SDS in the '60s was very abhorrent to me: Marxism, Leninism, almost the KGB mentality - a police politics that I found completely totalitarian in nature.

Look at it from [Vladimir] Putin's perspective, right.

He's a trained intelligence officer, worked for the KGB, very talented, manipulated people much smarter than Donald Trump. He played this perfectly, right. He saw that Donald Trump wanted to be complimented.

I know not every mom is a secret KGB spy, but every mom has this whole other life. Every dad and every person has this whole other life.

[ James Comey] was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans. End of story. He gave a letter to them. They gave it to FOX News. Also, we have this extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the [Hillary] Clinton campaign that they hacked.

The quality of Moscow's hired killers had slipped since the KGB's glory days.

I've never been to the Soviet Union and the main reason for that is I was warned several times by people from the KGB who had defected to the West that it would be very unsafe for me to go there

Made me feel ashamed of belonging to these overpowering, technical superior countries fighting against what seemed to me quite defenseless people.

I come from rather an international, or in other words, a cosmopolitan background.

My notion of the KGB came from romantic spy stories.

I was a pure and utterly successful product of Soviet patriotic education.

Putin is not a mass murderer. But, having said that, he is a product of the KGB, and the KGB was, of course, the secret police force of the Soviet Union.

Russia has now become a nation fueled by petro-dollars that is basically a KGB apparatchik-run government.

Putin knows how to run the KGB playbook. I mean, he knows how to work people.

Vladimir Putin is a dictator. He's not a leader. Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't know Russian history and they don't know Vladimir Putin. Hillary Clinton knows exactly who this guy is. John McCain said, I look in his eyes and I see KGB. And Hillary kind of has that same feeling.

We need to send a message to Vladimir Putin through stronger sanctions.

We need him to understand that the sanctions that we put in place can have a significant impact on his economy that we need to deter further action from him. And understand who he is, former KGB colonel, he's a bully, and bullies only understand when we punch them in the nose but we need to do that economically. That is our strongest move at this point.

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