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You can have fantasies about having control over the world, but I know I can barely control my kitchen sink. That is the grace I'm given. Because when one can control things, one is limited to one's own vision.

— Kiki Smith

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Country to me is living life at its simplest: Learning to appreciate a sliced vine-ripe tomato with a dash of salt, served between two slices of good bread and eaten over the kitchen sink.

Kitchen sinks quote Entire water of the sea can't sink a ship, unless it gets inside the ship. Simil
Entire water of the sea can't sink a ship, unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly negativity of the world can't put you down unless you allow it to get inside you !

Life will throw everything but the kitchen sink in your path, and then it will throw the kitchen sink. It's your job to avoid the obstacles. If you let them stop you or distract you, you're not doing your job, and failing to do your job will cause regrets that paralyze you more than a bad back.

Kitchen sinks quote I refuse yo sink
I refuse yo sink
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So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when youve had too much to drink. Oh, it could be so nice to grow old with you, I wanna grow old with you.

Whether it's a letter, song lyrics, part of a novel, or instructions on how to fix a kitchen sink, it's writing. You keep your craft honed, you acquire the discipline to finish things. You turn into a self-taskmaster.

When one is able to overcome the romantic and emotional attitude, one discovers truth even in the kitchen sink.

Kitchen sinks quote I refuse to sink
I refuse to sink

I made True Detective like it was going to be the only thing I ever made for television. So put in everything and the kitchen sink. Everything.

The most wasteful "brain drain" in America today is the drain in the kitchen sink.

You know, what I like about 'The Family Tree' is it's a kitchen sink movie;

you can't think of anything that it doesn't either throw into the story for conflict or poke fun at or attack, even, so I like it.

Kitchen sinks quote It's amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink and
It's amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink and how much one persona can affect you

They could've thrown a kitchen sink into the box and one of the guys would've headed it.

You wake up one morning and there it is, sitting in an old plaid bathrobe in your kitchen, unpleasant and unshaved. You look at it, heart sinking. Madness is a rotten guest.

I don't know if Britain ever really achieved that much glamour.

We had post-war austerity rather than post-war prosperity, and our cultural products of the time include some pretty dour kitchen-sink dramas of the A Kind of Loving variety. (This kind of film seems disillusioned with the sixties before they've even really begun.)

Kitchen sinks quote If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.
If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.

From Blue Valentine I kept my wedding ring.

I actually kept it on for a while. After the shooting had stopped, I was still wearing it – I couldn’t quite take it off – and now I keep it above the kitchen sink where I do dishes, as a little memento.

I was always very aware of drummers. My oldest brother Henry was a drummer, and he drummed on everything in the house from the kitchen sink to stovepipes. He was the first drummer in the Gil Evans Orchestra, so you've got to know how great he was.

When you've got a mountain to climb you may as well throw everything into the kitchen sink.

Some couture collections have everything including the kitchen sink! Everything gets thrown on to make it look expensive.

Margaret Thatcher has one great advantage - she is a daughter of the people and looks trim, as the daughter of the people desire to be. Shirley Williams has such an advantage over her because she's a member of the upper-middle class and can achieve the kitchen-sink revolutionary look that one cannot get unless one has been to a really good school.

We do live, all of us, on many different levels, and for most artists the world of imagination is more real than the world of the kitchen sink.

There was a horrible smell in the kitchen the next morning when Harry went in for breakfast. It seemed to be coming from a large metal tub in the sink. He went to have a look. The tub was full of what looked like dirty rags swimming in gray water. "What's this?" he asked Aunt Petunia. "Your new school uniform," she said. Harry looked in the bowl again. "Oh," he said, "I didn't realize it had to be so wet.

I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.

I got very cross with the term, kitchen sink.

It just meant that you invaded different kinds of houses, where it was very difficult to avoid kitchen sink.

When you're writing about people that are not very well off, you seem to see the kitchen sink. So it was a bit of a sort of cosy phrase that got used a bit too much.

Our cellar home had a kitchen and a combination bedroom and half bath, which meant we had a sink next to the bed. We had no refrigerator, no shower or tub, and no privacy. My parents shared the bedroom with my sister and me.

I think what you call 'metropolitan America' - as in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles - I think there's more awareness of the atypical, while in more traditional Britain, there's the kitchen-sink dramas and thrillers. It's more formulaic.

At the end of a dinner at my house, my kitchen sink is filled with dishes and there's nothing pretty about the garbage.

The super-powered girlfriend for [Doctor] Strange wasn't in the first issue.

There's a lot of backstory required for her, which is one of the reason we didn't go that way. There's so much to set up in this. I think it's always a huge mistake when you throw the kitchen sink and everything in the first movie.

You might be a redneck if you use a radiator hose to fix your kitchen sink.

When you're younger and a little more innocent, you write whatever [lyrics] comes naturally. But as you get used to writing you try to steer the sound and music to different music and throwing in the "kitchen sink" of sorts into the music. With that way, you end up putting in much more than before and you could even make much more next time around.

The bigger the canvas, the better I do. I'm not so good at understated, kitchen-sink kinds of parts.

I always used to say to players at half-time, 'Be patient.

The last fifteen minutes throw the kitchen sink at them. It's worth a gamble'. You are going to lose the game anyway. There is nothing better than when you get to that last fifteen minutes and you actually win the game late on. The fans are going out of the gates I gave it a try and it worked.

For those of you who tried, but didn't make it, Settle down it's never what you think. The summit doesn't differ from the deep, dark valley, And the valley doesn't differ from the kitchen sink.

The '60s in London obviously brought about the explosion of music, the Beatles especially, and then the Rolling Stones and other forms of music, and then fashion and photography and films - kitchen-sink dramas we called them at that time, which was our nouvelle vague in Britain, films that talk about real life.

What I hate about kitchen-sink dramas is [this idea] that the set is real, therefore you're going to be seeing truth. You have to earn truth. Truth can't be a part of the fact that people appear to talk that way and live in that room. You're looking for the poetry in something, and I don't mean poetry in the fancy sense. Naturalism believes by just replicating a thing you give the truth, rather than earning the truth.

The ideal kitchen-sink novel: Throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Then add the kitchen sink.

Haruhi: This story has everything but the kitchen sink in it.