quote by Natsuki Takaya

Tohru(thinking): There is an umeboshi-- on your back. Tohru (outloud): Maybe the reason people get jealous of eachother is because they can clearly see the umeboshi on other people's backs. I can see them too. I can see them perfectly. There is an amazing umeboshi on your back, Kyo-kun.

— Natsuki Takaya

Most Powerful Kyo Sohma quotations

Ayame: This concludes my wonderful story. Kyo Sohma: You mean stupid!

[Kagura is doing laundry and tries to wring out Kyou's shirt, causing it to rip in two] Kyo Sohma: Tell me what I think just happened didn't just happen! Kagura: My love! Kyo Sohma: My shirt!

Kyo Sohma: angrily pointing at Yuki Just like I'll beat you one of these days Yuki: looking bored Wait wait I think I've heard this one before

Momijii Sohma: Kyo's got the hots!!

Kyo Sohma: One of these days I'll make you say you're sorry Yuki Sohma: looking bored I'm sorry. Kyo Sohma: Dammit That's not what I meant Don't you have any shame Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed Yes I'm ashamed to be seen with you shouting in public. Kyo Sohma: Oh that's it We're taking this outside Yuki Sohma: still looking annoyed We ARE outside you stupid cat.

KYO, YOU DUMMKOPF!!" ~ Momiji Sohma

Hatsuharu Sohma: [after tripping Kyo] If I hadn't had tripped you, you wouldn't have stopped now would you. [addressing the audience] Hatsuharu Sohma: By the way what I just did was very dangerous. And if it had been anyone but Kyo they probably would have been hurt pretty badly, so don't try it at home. Kyo Sohma: Don't try it here and who are you even talking to?

♪Kyo-kun and Tohru sitting in a tree... K-I-S...♪ - Shigure Sohma