quote by Ray Bradbury

Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spent the rest of the day putting the pieces together.

— Ray Bradbury

Impressive Landmine quotations

If we spend our days trying to avoid the landmines of stepping out of God's will, then will be afraid to take any risks for his kingdom. But when you know there is a net of grace, when you know that God will catch you and set you back on his path when you fall, then you'll feel the freedom to pursue the adventure that kingdom living is all about.

The landmine cannot tell the difference between a soldier or a civilian - a woman, a child, a grandmother going out to collect firewood to make the family meal... once peace is declared the landmine does not recognize that peace. The landmine is eternally prepared to take victims.

Life is about making choices: you can either spend three quid on a glossy magazine or you can spend it clearing three square metres of minefield and help give people their lives back. As simple as that.

Millions of people in nearly 80 countries still live in fear of landmines and explosive remnants of war, which take an unacceptable toll on lives and limbs, and people's livelihoods

As a footballer I can't imagine life without the use of one of my legs.

.. Sadly this is exactly what happens to thousands of children every year when they accidentally step on a landmine.

It is the most painful thing to see how young children become collateral damage of wars, but when peace treaties are signed landmines do not respect any of these accords. And as long as these silent killers linger after wars, children will never know peace

It's angering that not everybody has signed this treaty to ban landmines.

It's disgusting, it really is, because it is fact that (mines) hurt a high percentage of civilians. They're not effective in any other real way. They've enough weapons for war.

We must rid the world of the scourge of these agents of death and destruction

I just couldn't stop thinking about what landmines are doing to people here.

I told people - my friends - about it, but it was just not enough. I knew I had to do more.

Officials of governments that use or produce landmines should be forced to see the reality of how landmines hurt people and make them suffer, because this would surely make them stop.

The question in their minds was, why did the outside world, and particularly the Western world, produce all these landmines, and send them to Afghanistan? This business must be stopped. It's a dirty business to produce such a horrible device.

... the long-lasting humanitarian impact of these inhuman weapons continues to deny communities the opportunity to rebuild long after the end of the conflicts.

Go on... make a difference.

Each scar's a cipher rimmed with old barbs and landmines, protecting its truth.

If you witness (the problems in the world), your outlook on life will change.

You will understand how fortunate and well-off you are, (…). You will understand that you are so safe from the risk of air raids and landmines.

The world is too little aware of the waste of life, limb and land which anti-personnel landmines are causing among some of the poorest people on earth.

I don't see myself as being injured by a landmine or the Taliban;

I was injured by ignorance and hatred. When people do these things, they want to create more hatred. Fight it with love and education.

I have very fond memories of my childhood in Afghanistan, largely because my memories, unlike those of the current generation of Afghans, are untainted by the spectre of war, landmines, and famine.

The devastation wreaked by landmines is not only horrendous but immoral

Do you know that every day, 10 people in Afghanistan are injured by landmines? It will continue for the next 50 years, because the country has the largest number of landmines in the world.

When a war is over I think it's a cowardly thing to leave the war behind you in minefields that hit women and children and the most vulnerable. Imagine the war is finished and you go to work and there are snipers shooting at you. Imagine taking your kids to the beach and you find that the beach is blowing up beneath you. Like there's nowhere safe.

Landmines are among the most barbaric weapons of war, because they continue to kill and maim innocent people long after the war itself has ended. Also, fear of them keeps people off the land, and thus prevents them from growing food.

Every day women and children are killed and maimed by landmines long after wars are over.

I'm right there with you, darlin'. Unless you step on a landmine, in which case I'm way back in the Operations Room.

It's hard to see how anyone can fail to care about innocent children and animals being blown up by landmines.

A mine-free world does not need to be a dream - together, we can make it a reality.

Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine.

The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces together.

When I was in Vietnam with Jane Fonda, I was shooting a farmer in a field - just a pastoral scene. And while I was shooting him, an explosion occurred right - he blew up right in my lens, so to speak. And he had stepped on a landmine.

I approached UNHCR because I believe in what the United Nations.

I believe refugees are the most vulnerable people in the world. They are affected by everything, including landmines. They are vulnerable to everything.

I felt I should have been taught about the landmine problem.

It made me suddenly realize certain things about the world and how much I had to learn, like the history of the people.

The eradication of anti-personnel mines around the world is one of the most important tasks facing the international community.

The statistics of mines that need clearance are staggering but the truth is it's a challenge that is absolutely doable.

History does not eliminate grievances. It lays them down like landmines.

We need to be prepared to have multi-stakeholder, well-managed partnerships.

That can be very effective. We saw this happen at international level with the UN Convention on Landmines, for example, where some governments didn't want to go forward, but enough governments did and with them many NGOs. At international level we need to see this as the 21st century way of doing things.