Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso.(Ideas should be clear and chocolate thick)
— Proverbs

In the case of an earthquake hitting las Vegas, be sure to go straight to the Keno Lounge. Nothing ever gets hit there.
Anonymous las quote

Hatred is not what Las Vegas is about. We will have zero tolerance for anyone who is intolerant.
— Oscar Goodman

People don't know where to place me. Terry Gilliam used me as a quirky cop in 'Twelve Monkeys', and then he hired me again to be an effeminate hotel clerk in 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Another time, I was shooting this indie film 'The Souler Opposite' and six days a week, I'm playing this big puppy dog, then I come to the 'NYPD Blue' set and become this scumbag.
— Christopher Meloni

I believe in Las Vegas. I think its best days are ahead of it. But I'm afraid to do anything in the current political environment in the United States.
— las quotation by Steve Wynn