quote by John Lennon

Laurel and Hardy. That's John and Yoko, and we stand a better chance under that guise, because all the serious people, like Martin Luther King, and Kennedy, and Gandhi, got shot.

— John Lennon

Unforgettable Laurel And Hardy quotations

I loved Laurel and Hardy and TV shows like 'Robin Hood' and 'Rama of the Jungle'.

When I was a kid, I used to watch 'Laurel and Hardy' with my cousins all the time. I still think they're extremely funny and so surreal.

It was absolutely thrilling to meet Laurel and Hardy, they were so nice.

I think you have to know these fellows definitely before you can draw them.

When you start to caricature a person,you can't do it without knowing the person. Take Laurel and Hardy for example; everybody can see Laurel doing certain things because they know Laurel.

The straight man has to know to relate to the comic.

When I think of the great comedy teams, I think of Martin & Lewis, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello.

Since I was a kid, every Thanksgiving growing up in New York, we always watched 'The March of the Wooden Soldiers' by Laurel and Hardy. Never miss it.

I was introducing [director and producer] Hal Roach - Mr.

Roach was 100 years old, he was one of the fathers of early days in films, he put Laurel with Hardy, he created the Our Gang kids, and all these silent movies he did - he was a giant.

Although I had good hand-eye coordination, I was so tall and skinny and muscularly weak that I just was not well coordinated. But what I started to do quite early on was watch some of the great old silent comedians, like Laurel and Hardy and Chaplin, and then later on Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton.

I first wanted to be a comedian when I was six or seven and my dad showed me Laurel and Hardy's "Perfect Day" on tv.