Pleasurable Lefthanded quotations

You just realize that you can't turn a lefthand corner in a right posture without exposing some part of your body, and so it was really me just noticing the exposure I had, and it made me start doing and practicing the switching.

Sometimes they say the world rotates a little different for lefthanders.

The only place where you can really surprise or shock the reader, or make someone laugh, is on the lower righthand corner - the very last panel - so as you turn the page, the payoff is in the upper lefthand panel. To pace every story so that there's a setup and a payoff at the page turn was a huge challenge; it's a part of the medium and you really have to learn what can be done in the medium.

Warming up for the Brewers is that lefthander they got from the Mets, Bill Pulitzer.

If I ever get bored with golf, I'm going to start over and play lefthanded.