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What are the best lifesaving quotes?

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Whether a inspirational quote from your favorite celebrity Victoria Wood, Mark Hyman or an motivational message about giving it your best from a successful business person, we can all benefit from a famous lifesaving quote.

I know I've got a degree. Why does that mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I've got a lifesaving certificate but I don't spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pyjamas on. — Victoria Wood

Shrinking someone's stomach to the size of a walnut with surgery is one way to battle obesity and diabetes and may be lifesaving for a few, but it doesn't address the underlying causes. — Mark Hyman

I think some of the pressure comes from the expectations of other people. Like if your father played baseball, they expect you to be the big lifesaver or something when you play a sport. — Barry Bonds

And time for reflection with colleagues is for me a lifesaver; it is not just a nice thing to do if you have the time. It is the only way you can survive. — Margaret J. Wheatley

Olay BB Cream is a lifesaver, and I wear it every day while I train and compete. Twenty-four-hour hydration and sheer color helps me look flawless even when faced with that unforgiving Jumbotron! — Lindsey Vonn

Because of old sports injuries, yoga has become a physical lifesaver. — Erica Tazel

I have a scar on my forehead and the bangs were an attempt to cover that. Life sort of pushed a hair change on me, which has actually been really fun to play with. It does add a little bit of maintenance, but I have a teeny-tiny flat iron that I bought on Amazon for $20 and that has been my lifesaver. Even if all I do to get out the door is flat iron my bangs, I feel like I'm good to go. — Danielle Panabaker

Because of old sports injuries, yoga has become a physical lifesaver. I also have an honest, loving, and caring circle of friends. A little bit of laughter and an occasional adult beverage never hurt nobody. — Erica Tazel