quote by Gary Bettman

This is a sad, regrettable day that all of us wish could have been avoided.

— Gary Bettman

Gorgeous Lockout quotations

Due to the NFL lockout, I'm excited to be able to follow my childhood dream of playing for a Major League Soccer team.

A lot of people think that as a player, during the lockout, you just have your whole day free. It's not like that - especially for me. I wake up everyday, train in the morning from 9 a.m. to about 2 p.m. Then I have a business meeting here, have to meet this person there, it's non-stop for me.

The hockey lockout of 1994 - 1995 has been settled.

They have stopped bickering... and can now get down to some serious bloodshed!

The owners don't win by having a lockout.

Shutting down your business is not good for anybody and it's certainly not good for the players, it's certainly not good for the fans. And that's most important to us.

Kim Kardashian is single again. Hey, great. Maybe that will give the NBA players something to do during the lockout.

At the end of the day everybody lost.

We almost crippled our industry. It was very disappointing what happened.

This is a tragedy for the players. Their careers are short and this is money and opportunity they'll never get back.

Civilization is drugs, alcohol, engines of war, prostitution, machines and machine slaves, low wages, bad food, bad taste, prisons, reformatories, lunatic asylums, divorce, perversion, brutal sports, suicides, infanticide, cinema, quackery, demagogy, strikes, lockouts, revolutions, putsches, colonization, electric chairs, guillotines, sabotage, floods, famine, disease, gangsters, money barons, horse racing, fashion shows, poodle dogs, chow dogs, Siamese cats, condoms, peccaries, syphilis, gonorrhea, insanity, neuroses, etc., etc.

Too much negotiating and not enough work on the court - that's what happened to me during the lockout. Too much talking and not enough training. I couldn't put in my usual offseason work routine. I think that all caught up to me, with my Achilles problems.

A lot of players know I've been around 13 years and this is my second lockout.

I got a lot of respect. I know what's going on both for the league and the union.

I think the deal is not great for the players. It is definitely an owner-friendly deal.

When emotions are high, things are said, things are done.

Ultimately, these players want to play. I know too many of them love the game too much.

We didn't see [the NBA lockout] as a victory at all.

It was far from what we set it out to accomplish in bargaining, but I thought it was a fair compromise.

This decision was something I have thought about for a long time going back to the lockout and spending the year in Russia. Though I decided to return this past season, Lou was aware of my desire to go back home and have my family there with me. The most difficult thing for me is to leave the New Jersey Devils, a great organization that I have a lot of respect for, and our fans that have been great to me.

The NBA has a voice that's why they have a lockout.

The NFL has a voice that's why they had a lockout. Boxing is the only sport that's individually represented the individual people - Managers, Promoters and Boxers.

Players are ready to play, We're not on strike. It's a lockout.