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I've been telling everyone for weeks now about how I get to play Lois Lane. It's a big deal. There are a few characters throughout your life which everyone knows and this is one of them. I can't wait.

— Christina Hendricks

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I can't always be Lois Lane," I insisted. "I want to be Superman, too.

Lois pursues the truth no matter what sort of adversity faces her.

I think Superman sees that, and it's the same moral compass that he has from the Kents.

Top IRS officials specifically targeted tea party groups and misled the public about its secret political targeting program led by ex-official Lois Lerner, according to a bombshell new congressional report.

Al Plastino helped redefine Superman in the 1950s.

His work on Supermans Girlfriend, Lois Lane, Adventure Comics and pretty much any title in the Superman family will be fondly remembered for years to come. He will be missed.

I never understood why Clark Kent was so hell bent on keeping Lois Lane in the dark.

When I think of all the years in my 30s when I starved myself.

.. but when I got the role of Lois, I stopped thinking about my looks and was just myself.

I liked the fact that Lois was one person with Clark and another with Superman.

I think that, as women, we do that a lot when we fall in love.

My grandson sees me as Lois on TV every Christmas, and that scores me points.

I remember when we were doing the love scene in Some Kind Of Hero, we got in bed nervously. Then he looked up, and it was very genuine, and he went, " Richard Pryor's in bed with Lois Lane!" And it was so cute!

I'll have that inscribed on my damn grave.

I still get stopped for being Lois Lane, and I'm 60 and have two grandchildren. So it's kind of weird.

[Superman and Lois are] kindred spirits, and they always choose to do the right thing.

There was something special and unique about the love triangle that existed between Clark Kent, Superman and Lois Lane.

I think Superman's journey is to become comfortable on earth.

Of course he's got his role as earth's greatest protector but he also wants to be as happy as he can and if that happens to be with Lois then he's going to find a way.

On losing the opportunity to star in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman 'You know what? It happened for the right reason. Although I would have made a good Clark Kent. I look better in glasses.

It’s a lovely adaptation that honors Lois Lowry’s vision and authority…the film…illuminates and explores the beauty, danger and pain of our free, creative lives. Plenty to talk about in families and other communities. Go see it.

Much has already been learned about the arrogance of the IRS from the House investigations of the agency's targeting of conservatives. The revelations emerged despite strenuous efforts by Democrats in Washington and by the IRS itself to block inquiries and deny the existence of political targeting - targeting that the former head of the IRS Exempt Organizations Unit, Lois Lerner, eventually acknowledged and apologized for in May 2013.

There are many different types of kisses.

There's a passionate kiss of farewell - like the kind Rhett gave Scarlett when he went off to war. The kiss of I-can't-really-be-with-you-but-I-want-to-be - like with Superman and Lois Lane. There's the first kiss - one that is gentle and hesitant, warm and vulnerable. And then there's the kiss of possession - which was how Ren kissed me now.

I have an oddball sense of humor. So when there was an episode at a comic book convention-of course they end up having Lois dress up all sexy and stuff-but really what I would dress up like is a Stormtrooper. That's what I'd do, because it's hilarious, and who doesn't want to be that at some point, right? So then they made something out of that.

Despite the fact that I have a good-size pair of breasts.

.. in Lois & Clark, I have the opportunity to show the world they're not my only attribute.

Lois and Alexander are by far the most beautiful creatures in the class;

their beauty is like the beauty of plants, seemingly untroubled by vanity, anxiety or effort.

think about it: Romeo and Juliet bucked the system, and look where it got them.

Superman has the hots for Lois Lane, when the better match, of course, would be with Wonder Woman.