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The female body is a masterpiece. Everyone likes to look at the female body, especially in dynamic, athletic sport.

— Natalie Cook

Professional London Olympics quotations

I grew up not really thinking I had a disability. I grew up thinking I had different shoes.

I actually had nuggets and mostly Asian food when I was at the Olympics.

But as soon as I got back to Jamaica, or when I was in London, I had a lot of wings. That was the first thing I asked for - "Hey, get me some wings."

The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are mass satanic rituals disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport. Their medium is the language of symbolism.

By bringing Little Sun to Tate Modern and the London Olympics, I hope to realise an art project for those who typically have no access to global events of this scale.

The 2012 Olympics is going to cost £8 billion which is a lot of money.

It'll probably bankrupt London. But you can't put a price on two bronze medals in cycling.

The favorite to win the Olympic gold medal in archery is a legally blind athlete from South Korea, mainly because everyone else is too scared to compete next to him.

It's now come out just before his record-breaking 100-meter dash, gold medalist Usain Bolt ate at McDonald's. Apparently he timed his meal so when the race started he would have exactly 9.63 seconds to get to a toilet.

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, they traditionally ask that all fighting and warfare around the world stop. So, there's hope for a ceasefire within the Jackson family.

Equestrian and sailing are sports for people growing up on the mean streets of Connecticut.

Wasn't it thrilling when the U.S. Women's team took home the gold in gymnastics? A group of American teenagers getting a higher score than Chinese kids? That never happens.

Women made up 44% of Olympic competitors at London 2012 - the greatest show of gender equality in Olympic history. By comparison, in the 1908 Games men outnumbered women 53 to 1.

London has what it takes to host the greatest sporting show on earth [on the 2012 Olympic bid

My family love living in London. It is a fantastic city and a city such as this deserves to host the Olympic Games.

My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend — big mistake.

Now I’m single, so London should be really good. I’m excited.

I hope that this medal inspires the kids at home to put down guns and knives and pick up a pair of trainers instead.

I always try to see the good in everything, and that gives me strength.

Even when I lost in the London Olympics quarterfinals, I said to myself, 'Don't lose heart, God has his own plans.' Actually, life just goes on; you have to accept whatever challenge you face and become stronger.

The Queen of England jumped out of a helicopter and parachuted into the stadium.

What was even more amazing was when Prince Charles flew in using his ears as a hang glider.

The Geiger-counter of Olympomania is going to go zoink off the scale.

The water here in Cardiff is much easier than in London, so for us it is more relaxing paddling here. This race is for us a continuation of our training, we will compete in only this World cup. We don't want to travel too much before the Olympic Games and we want to focus on the Games.

I have been dubbed 'the girl who puts the glamour into hammer'

Success is always an easier motivator, because you want more of it.

But I've also been motivated by failure. Had I medaled in London, I don't think I would be one of the few that have gone to a Summer and Winter. I would have been content with that medal. Instead, I used that failure to go to the Winter Olympics. I always tell people that failure can be one of your biggest motivators if you just have an attitude adjustment about it.

Yesterday Michael Phelps set an all-time Olympic record for most medals.

Phelps has so much gold on his chest he's been asked to join the cast of 'Jersey Shore.'

I have a lot of expectations and a lot of goals I want to fulfill, but the biggest dream is still to make the Olympic team for London.

I would love to do well one last time in Melbourne and my dream would be to win Wimbledon and play in the London Olympics.

To represent your country at a home Olympics is something special and I'm over the moon to be selected for Team GB. I was pleased to get the qualifying time in Berlin earlier this year and my sole focus is getting in the right shape for London.

I will try to win the Olympics gold in London.

I've put myself forward to be involved.

Whether I get picked, we'll have to wait and see. Obviously everybody is excited about it, about the Olympics coming to London and the football being played in different parts of Britain.

The job of mayor of London is unbelievably taxing, particularly in the run-up to the Olympics.

I have prepared myself to be at my peak in London.

But in the Olympics, there are so many factors. You need to stay alert all the time, and a lapse of concentration, even for a second, will let you down.

I'm not sure what's going on in Britain.

I don't know what's going on in London. Because London is no longer an English city, and that's how they got the Olympics. I mean, they said, "We're the most cosmopolitan city on Earth," but it doesn't feel English.

Have you seen the Olympic uniforms? It's for the American Olympic team and it's berets. To me, nothing says America like a guy in a beret. Look at our founding fathers, they all wore berets.

Mitt Romney will travel to London where he will attend the Olympics opening ceremony. Of course it's going ot be weird when they're announcing all the countries, and he's like 'Got a bank account there, got one there, two bank accounts there.'

Officials at the London Olympics will be conducting 5,000 tests for steroids.

Or as Lance Armstrong calls that, 'a Monday.'

Even though the Olympics take place during Ramadan, some Muslim athletes said they will not fast during games. Then, after sampling the British food, they said, on second thought, fasting sounds good.

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