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Ab-Soul quotes - for his introspective lyrics and his four independent albums under TDE, Longterm Mentality, Control System, These Days..., and Do What Thou Wilt., which

Wilh. Wilhelmsen quotes - Carrier Wilh. Wilhelmsen Line Longterm T/C 2007 Bahamas MV Talia Pure Car/Truck Carrier Wilh. Wilhelmsen Line Longterm T/C 2006 Bahamas MV Taipan Pure

Long-term effects of alcohol quotes - The best available current evidence suggests that consumption of alcohol (chemically known as ethanol) does not improve health. Previous assertions that

Long-term Ecosystem Observatory quotes - The Long-term Ecological Observatory (LEO) is a project off the coast of New Jersey, United States, which monitors the processes in the ocean with online

Melange (fictional drug) quotes - powder which smells like cinnamon and glows blue; highly addictive, and longterm users acquire blue-within-blue colored eyes Affiliation Bene Gesserit CHOAM

COVID-19 pandemic in Ontario quotes - travel, admission to hospital for serious symptoms, healthcare worker, longterm care home resident, etc. The set of conditions has been updated repeatedly

Khruangbin quotes - become the site of all future Khruangbin recording sessions. The band has a longterm working relationship with Houston-based engineer Steve Christensen. When

Jordan quotes - approximately 14.4% of the population lives below the national poverty line on a longterm basis (as of 2010[update]), while almost a third fell below the national

Charli XCX quotes - (2013) and "Super Love" (2013). Since circa 2019, Charli has been in a longterm partnernship with Huck Kwong, whom she's dated before in 2014, but has