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I ain't good-lookin', but I'm somebody's angel child. — Bessie Smith

Michael Buble is seriously my favorite entertainer. Have you ever seen the guy in concert? He's hilarious. Women love him. Guys want to meet him. He has everything that I wish I could do onstage. And I'm guessin' he's a good-lookin' guy - although he's not one of 'People' magazine's sexiest men. — Blake Shelton

After all those days in the cotton fields, the dreams came true on a gold record on a piece of wood. It's in my den where I can look at it every day. I wear it out lookin' at it. — Carl Perkins

And so the dentist says 'Rinse.' So you lean over, and you're lookin' at this miniature toilet bowl. — Bill Cosby

There is only one principle of war and that's this. Hit the other fellow, as quickly as you can, as hard as you can, where it hurts him most, when he ain't lookin'. — William Slim

If you have notoriety, you can dress any way you want to dress. That's the way it is. I just like to get dressed up. I think that they go hand in hand - notoriety and people lookin at ya. If they look at ya, either you look like a million dollars, or you don't. A guy can have a phenomenal body, but if the suit doesn't fit him, forget it. — Ric Flair

I think you can see the evolution of me as an artist, and just becoming confident and coming into my own and becoming my own person throughout each mixtape. One thing I could learn from looking back at my old mixtapes, what I could learn from my old self, is just to keep that hunger and that drive and that feeling of an underdog and also the feeling of being a fan, still lookin up to people - you just want to impress them. — Kevin McCall

If I hear a song like "Time After Time." I'm sittin' there lookin' at video and Cindy Lauper comes on singin' this song. I said, "God damnnnnn!" — Miles Davis