quote by Lewis Hine

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera.

— Lewis Hine

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A man in love will jump to pick up a glove or a bouquet for a silly girl of sixteen, whilst at home he will permit his aged mother to carry pails of water and armfuls of wood, or his wife to lug a twenty-pound baby, hour after hour, without ever offe

Every day I lugged my backpack through the halls, waiting for the final bell.

Then I'd race home and hole up in my room, playing the drums and the piano, composing music.

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As I say the words, I realize how true they are.

And maybe that's the trick to getting through it, through life: realizing that everybody, including ourselves, is lugging around some kind of screwed-up baggage. Maybe we are put here to help each other carry the loads.

I hate homework. I hate it more now than I did when I was the one lugging textbooks and binders back and forth from school. The hour my children are seated at the kitchen table, their books spread out before them, the crumbs of their after-school snack littering the table, is without a doubt the worst hour of my day.

The book forces itself into my mind when I am lugging furniture, or pulling weeds.

Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, it's the thing that's really preventing us from taking flight.

Pop artists deal with the lowly trivia of possessions and equipment that the present generation is lugging along with it on its safari into the future.

Men are like stone jugs - you may lug them where you like by the ears.

He existed a step or two to one side of the common world, largely out of sight, a shadow, all but invisible. Whatever he owned, either he could hoist it on his back and lug it along or he could walk away from it. Anonymity was the thing he loved most about the city, being a part of it and apart from it at the same time.

Learn to forgive fully and completely.

If you want health, wealth, and happiness, you can't afford the luxury of lugging around all those unforgiven, unforgotten past events. Let them go.

... the attempt to render visual intricacy makes words feel unwieldy, like sacks of meaning that must be lugged into place, dragged here and there, then still don't fell accurate.

For a time, I believed not in God nor Santa Claus, but in mermaids.

They seemed as logical and possible to me as the brittle twig of a seahorse in the zoo aquarium or the skates lugged up on the lines of cursing Sunday fishermen - skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women.

Soon enough it will be me struggling (valiantly?) to walk - lugging my stuff around. How are we all so brave as to take step after step? Day after day? How are we so optimistic, so careful not to trip and yet do trip, and then get up and say O.K. Why do I feel so sorry for everyone and so proud?

Palestinian and Israeli leaders finally recover the Road Map to Peace, only to discover that, while they were looking for it, the Lug Nuts of Mutual Interest came off the Front Left Wheel of Accommodation, causing the Sport Utility Vehicle of Progress to crash into the Ditch of Despair.

My mom breastfed me for more than a year, and I can't imagine doing it any other way. It's cheap and much better for the environment, and you don't have to lug all that stuff around.

All I ever wanted to do was play the drums;

I felt good about myself when I played the drums. So I worked anywhere and everywhere I could lug my drums in.

One Rockette, who's probably a lug head, doesn't even know which end's up or down, ends up making news, and the media loves to present it.

I remember Paul [Dano] had said at one point that when he finished this film [Swiss Army Man] was the strongest he'd ever been just from lugging me around for [several] weeks.

One of the biggest things for me was driving two hours to the location everyday, and then having to lug out two carts of equipment alone, and I always had to consider - I was shooting on a beach - I'm like, "Okay, bring out the props first that no one will steal," because I have to leave it unattended for a couple minutes while I grab my second cart of things.

It's always a problem - you've got to figure out a place to put your body.

You've got to wake up in the morning and deal with the fact that you have this body to lug around.

Hitler is no worse, nay better, in my opinion, than the other lugs.

He makes the German mistake of being tactless, that's all.

One criticizes the English for carrying their teapots wherever they go, even lugging them up Mount Etna. But doesn't every nationhave its teapot, in which, even when traveling, it brews the dried bundles of herbs brought from home?

We're bar room buddies and we're the best kind, nobody messes with that friend of mine. Chug-a-lug-a-lug-a-lugga, bar room buddy of mine.

A critic is a lug-worm in the liver of literature.

Action isn't a burden to be hoisted up and lugged around on our shoulders.

It is something we are. The work we have to do can be seen as a kind of coming alive. More than some moral imperative, it's an awakening to our true nature, a releasing of our gifts.

It is an attention-getter. I mean, its hard to ignore a woman lugging a cello around.

We got an expression ride back to the palace of Hades.

Nico sent word ahead, thanks to some ghost he summoned out of the ground, and within a few minutes the Three Furies themselves arrived to ferry us back. They weren't thrilled about lugging Bob the Titan, too, but I didn't have the heart to leave him behind, especially after he noticed my shoulder wound, said, "Owie", and healed it with a touch.