quote by Donna Karan

Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.

— Donna Karan

Professional Lux quotations

I've been watching battle rap since that time period when Cassidy was hot, Murda Mook and Lux first when at it. That was a very pivotal time in hip-hop.

Rawness and refinement are not opposite ends of a luxurious spectrum they are two complementary features with which to populate a luxe environment.

My biggest achievement is that I can make a lot of people smile just by my presence, even if it's a Lux ad.

All brands, whether high-ticket luxury ones such as Cartier or Rolls-Royce or 'masstige' ones with luxe-y overtones but altogether more affordable, all want to grow. Even brands that may have started in a modestly niche design and lifestyle fashion can find themselves under pressure to go global or to sell out at the top.

Every time I listened to Lux Radio Theatre, I wanted to vomit.

I started with commercials - for shampoo, pancakes, insurance, Volvo.

I did a Lux soap commercial with Sarah Jessica Parker. And I got a role in an indie film called Satellite that did well in festivals.

In fact, it seems that present-day science, with one sweeping step back across millions of centuries, has succeeded in bearing witness to that primordial 'Fiat lux' Let there be light uttered at the moment when, along with matter, there burst forth from nothing a sea of light and radiation, while the particles of the chemical elements split and formed into millions of galaxies ... Hence, creation took place in time, therefore, there is a Creator, God exists!

Louise Gluck, C.K. Williams, Thomas Lux. A lot of the poets that I like are the ones that influenced me as a writer.

Remembrance, like Rembrandt, is dark but festive.

Remembered ones dress up for the occasion and sit still. Memory is a photo-studio de luxe on an infinite Fifth Power Avenue.

After Life Unexpected ended, I wanted to do something that was completely different from Lux and that show. I wanted to be able to keep my fans, but not have them confused about who I was or what my character was.

I don't think every actress in Bollywood has been associated with Lux.

A select few actresses, who they felt suited the brand right (have been associated with it) and they all have been actresses of great stature with wonderful careers and some wonderful work. I am very honoured to join the group of people who have been with Lux over the years.

Ex oriente lux may still be the motto of scholars, for the Western world has not yet derived from the East all the light which itis destined to receive thence.

La' , tout n'est qu'ordre et beaute , Luxe, calme et volupte .

There where all is order and beauty. Lush, calm and voluptuous.

I have Vie Luxe candles in every room.

In 2006 I spent the month of August in Sardinia, and the scent reminds me of the wonderful time we had.

So important , indeed, is it (Light), and so much does it pervade with its influence the whole Masonic system, that Freemasonry itself anciently received, among other appellations, that of Lux, or Light, to signify that it is to be regarded as that sublime doctrine of Divine Truth by which the path of him who has attained it is to be illuminated in his pilgrimage of life.

When you told me you loved me," Lily's eyes widened when she looked at Lux, "You saved the world.

Lux spent the ride dialing the radio for her favorite song.

"It makes me crazy," she said. "You know they're playing it somewhere, but you have to find it.

All sixteen mentioned her jutting ribs, the insubstantiality of her thighs, and one, who went up to the roof with Lux during a warm winter rain, told us how the basins of her collarbones collected water.

In that moment, Lux felt complete for the first time.

He hadn’t even realized anything was missing until he met her, but now, with her curled up in his arms, her hair tickling against his chin, he couldn’t imagine existing without her - Virtue - A Fairy Tale

THE LUXE IS . . . Pretty girls in pretty dresses, partying until dawn. Irresistible boys with mischievous smiles and dangerous intentions. White lies, dark secrets, and scandalous hookups. This is Manhattan in 1899.

Lux’s frequent forged excuses from phys.

Ed. She always used the same method, faking the rigid t’s and b’s of her mother’s signature and then, to distinguish her own handwriting, penning her signature, Lux Lisbon, below, the two beseeching L’s reaching out for each other over the ditch of the u and barbed-wire x.

La, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté Luxe, calme et volupté There, there is nothing else but grace and measure, Richness, quietness, and pleasure.