quote by Paulo Coelho

Don't give to anyone the power to put you down. Haters are losers pretending to be winners.

— Paulo Coelho

Viral Lyricist quotations

We don't need to explain our love. We only need to show it.

Avoiding problems you need to face is avoiding the life you need to live.

You deserve all the good things that happen to you. Don't feel guilty and accept the blessings.

I rate Morrissey as one of the best lyricists in Britain. For me, he's up there with Bryan Ferry.

Some people are the best lyricists, got the most gas, but they don't know have the personality or the people skills to go out there and network and get they recognition and they name out there. Sometimes people can get in the way of they own selves man, real talk.

To heal our wounds, we need courage to face them.

The greatest romance in the life of a lyricist is when the right word meets the right note; often, however, a Park Avenue phrase elopes with a Bleecker Street chord, resulting in a shotgun wedding and a quickie divorce.

Life is too short to be wasted in finding answers. Enjoy the questions.

I'd have to say that Kenny White has earned a place among my favorite singer/songwritersand particularly, lyricists. As we say in the trade “he goes deep.” A true wordsmith AND musician who reveals a fine sense of humor, as well. Put on your headphones and listen carefully.

Don't be someone that searches, finds and then runs away.

I consider myself a lyricist first and foremost, but if you get something else out of what I do, that's fine too. I'm not sitting back here telling people how they have to take my stuff. We just want to play music, and hope that people like it.

A lot of the great songwriters in history have been collaborators, with a separate lyricist.

I'm not a fast, stream-of-consciousness lyricist at all - I know some guys who are, and if there is one skill I wish I had, it's that.

As a songwriter, I was influenced by David Bowie - a great writer.

A class above everybody in so many ways. Lennon and McCartney, of course. Class stuff. David Cousins was my favorite lyricist.

Courtney Love's name should be right next to Bob Dylan when they say best lyricist of all time.

If you have a dream , don't waste your energies explaining why.

Everyone eventually winds up writing about themselves - the problem is finding the best way to go about it. To write about oneself literally, in the first person, presumes a more interesting personal life and philosophy than most rock lyricists possess. John Lennon was good for one great album based on musical direct address, 'Plastic Ono Band.

I write a lot. I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger, write for my school newspapers. Also reading is very important because you need to be on your word game if you want to be a lyricist.

I feel like I want to write some songs and I don't know how to go about doing it. Usually it's the lyrics that are a problem, and I think I am not really cut out to be a lyricist.

I'm not tryin' to come off as the best lyricist.

Glenn Slater is my lyricist who, of the new young lyricists coming along, is the most exciting, I think.

As a lyricist, I'm really trying to raise my level of quality.

I don't sing melodically. Rhyme pattern is how I sing. I also write like a lyricist or an MC because that's what I was before I was a singer. I just took those elements and put them into music.

The fact that I'm a performer helps me enormously as a lyricist.

I love all kinds of music. Everybody knows that Nas is my favorite lyricist in the universe. I'd love to collaborate with him on something.

Lyrics should not need to stand on their own;

many of [Bob] Dylan's do, but in common with other great lyricists, he has written plenty that falters on the page but soars in song.

He [Patrick Stump] is been a friend of ours for a long time, and when we were talking about working with different producers and songwriters for the record, Patrick's name came up. We were excited to work with him - he's a very gifted lyricist and songwriter, and a really cool guy and it was a pleasure to work with him in the studio.

I don't think I'm the best lyricist; it's hard for me to express feelings through words.

Usually when I write lyrics I try to read a lot and listen to a lot of other stuff. Some of my favourite lyricists are like Lou Reed, kind of the classics - Bob Dylan and stuff like that.

People always have these debates about who their favourite rapper is.

And I think it's based upon what mood that particular person is in. If someone's favourite rapper is a lyricist then they're focused on rhymes or substance. If someone's favourite rapper is a party rapper, you know, someone who makes music about the clubs... "Oh, he's my favourite rapper". No, his subject matter is your favourite.

As much as I try to grow as a lyricist, I tend to laugh at even calling myself that, because I think that my actual talents lie more in arrangements than they do words.

We're talking about an extremely prolific poet and songwriter and lyricist.

That stuff comes off the top of her head. She [Joni Mitchell] will write exactly what she lives. If she puts some money in the soda machine, she'll write about putting money in the soda machine. "Dry Cleaner from Des Moines," on the Shadows & Light album, was about sitting next to a dry cleaner from Des Moines, playing a slot machine.

Lyricists play with words.

I'm certainly not a lyricist first. I prefer doing it intuitively and not really thinking about it so much.