quote by Vallabhbhai Patel

Manpower without Unity is not a strength unless it is harmonized and united properly, then it becomes a spiritual power.

— Vallabhbhai Patel

Remarkable Manpower quotations

The building of a just and peaceful world order, the aim of the United Nations, is hampered not by a dearth of ideas, resources, and manpower but by the lack of will on the part of governments to take the required steps.

Only a fighting nation can make itself responsible for world peace, and such a nation must organize its material resources and manpower with the highest possible degree of efficiency.

It is the duty of our men to enroll themselves in the national services.

We need all our manpower for defence. For the military and... we need a quarter of a million men.

What we're doing is making sure that we have a safe and secure border region from San Diego all the way to Brownsville. And that means manpower, it means technology, it means infrastructure, it means interior enforcement. All, you know, kind of layered in appropriate ways, and making sure, like I said before, the border is safe and secure.

A motivated manpower is the most important thing.

Failure of management to plan for the future and to foresee problems has brought about waste of manpower, of materials, of the machine-time, of all which raise the manufacturer's cost and price that the purchaser must pay

The lack of manpower and infrastructural capacity in our Intermediate and Long-term Care sectors are problems that have been with us for the past 10 years. The demand for rehabilitation services will only increase with a rapidly ageing population. I hope the Ministry will share its roadmap to meet the rising demand for rehabilitation services.

The cost of solving the Comet mystery must be reckoned neither in money nor in manpower.

That's what unions do. They can get money, they can get support, they can get manpower.

Has the Ministry assessed what manpower savings or cost efficiencies have been derived from such use of new technologies, and how policing capabilities have been enhanced? What new initiatives can we expect, and how will the police guard against their officers being “de-skilled” by over-relying on technology?

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later

Whenever there's an act of terror, its guns, its Christians, it's republicans, but the FBI can't say Islamism because it's too politically incorrect. And nobody wants to lose their job, it comes from the top. I think they lack the manpower to do their jobs. It's not about changing the FBI; it's about changing the way they do business.

We can't possibly fight all the terrorists in all the countries where they exist because we don't have the money or manpower to do so.

In war, three-quarters turns on personal character and relations;

the balance of manpower and materials counts only for the remaining quarter.

Federal authorities do not have the manpower or the resources to protect America's international borders

We vote - if the public votes 50 percent, we vote 70 percent.

So we have a bigger impact with our numbers, and the organization and the manpower we can bring to a race.

When gasoline and rubber are rationed, electric power and transport facilities are becoming increasingly scarce, and manpower shortages are developing, it is difficult for people to understand their increased use for other than the most vital needs of war.

It's energy intensification, where we essentially have, through our light bulbs and cars, the manpower of [hundreds of] people working on our behalf, helping our food being created, helping our materials like steel and plastic and wood and paper be created. Our lifestyles are incredibly energy intense.

I looked at the toys in my hands and I saw the result of millions of dollars of development and thousands of hours of manpower, put into something bearing the name of a god, my god, and it had nothing to do with me.

The Korean War has also show quite clearly that in a major conflict manpower is as important as horsepower.

[The overthrow of the Castro regime] is the top priority of the US government.

- all else is secondary - no time, no effort, or manpower is to be spared.

Those who devise better methods of utilizing manpower, tools, machinery, materials and facilities are making real contributions toward our national security. Today, these ideas are a form of insurance for our national security; tomorrow, this same progressive thinking is insurance for our individual security-it is, in effect, job insurance.

We hope that through these trade arrangements, through collaboration in training, in manpower development, and what have you, ASEAN in, say, ten years' time, will be a very different ASEAN.

Allied supplies of arms to Russia, and the manpower reserves of Russia have been sufficient to bring continuous counter-attacks against our Eastern Front.

Make in India! By this, we mean we want to give low cost manufacturing, ease of business, skilled manpower. India is a land of huge possibilities & scope.

Every child must be encouraged to get as much education as he has the ability to take. We want this not only for his sakebut for the nations sake. Nothing matters more to the future of our country: not military preparednessfor armed might is worthless if we lack the brain power to build a world of peace; not our productive economyfor we cannot sustain growth without trained manpower; not our democratic system of governmentfor freedom is fragile if citizens are ignorant.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

The first issue that compelled me was a very strange split between India being highly development scientifically (we were the third biggest scientific manpower in the world then) and yet at the same time struggling with amazing poverty. The linear equation that says that modern science equals progress and the reduction of poverty did not apply to India. It wasn't working.

As president, the first thing I will do is secure the border.

It will take money, manpower, and technology - but most of all, it will take political will.

The point is that any law that makes criminals out of 15 million Americans is probably not such a good idea. The point was that drug abuse isn't a criminal issue, it's a healthcare issue. And the money and manpower we spend prosecuting a surfer in San Diego might better be used fighting things that genuinely threaten our national health and safety. That was the point.

Never discount a country by their size or resources.

What may not be useful to yours, could be greatly beneficial to other lands in need. Everything exists with a purpose. True wealth is what cannot be seen. While one country can have a huge powerful military, another land may lack the budget and manpower to compete with it -- but be filled with happy citizens.

Europe has been in the grip of a very serious economic crisis for few years, so there have been major cuts to anti-terrorist funding, to intelligence funding. So we do not have the manpower to carry on this kind of monitoring.

The Cold War is over. And our focus has got to be on intelligence, increased manpower, fighting internationally targets.

Russians, in the knowledge of inexhaustible supplies of manpower, are accustomed to accepting gigantic fatalities with comparative calm.