quote by Bonnie Jo Campbell

We have a shotgun we inherited from my father-in-law, a paranoid Englishman living in Texas. I have a .22 Marlin rifle, similar to the one Annie Oakley had, and my husband has a .357 Magnum pistol. All those are locked up tight, of course. We have a couple of pellet guns that get more use than the real guns.

— Bonnie Jo Campbell

Irresistibly Marlin quotations

As a kid, I always wanted to be lots of things.

I was a Walter Mitty type. I wanted to be in the French Foreign Legion, a detective, a doctor, a test pilot with a scarf, a fisherman who hauled in a tremendous marlin after a 12-hour fight.

I'm interested in the sculptural experience, glass, marble, colored bricks, stones, wood. There's no stadium out there that approximates it [the Marlins'] because it will be so white and with primary colors all around. It sort of looks like a spaceship that just landed, something different, something people can call their own.

I had to work on a Marlin boat, like gutting fish, like as the bait boy.

Johnny Carson started the jokes about me and Marlin in his monologues.

I've caught fish as big as I am. I've caught marlin close to 300 pounds.

I feel it's the best thing that could have happened for me, leaving the Braves so I could go to another team that would give me more of a chance to play like with the Marlins.

Cool! Now I can steal some rich old coot's Ferrari and go fishing for marlin with the same piece of jewelry.

I first reported to our Marlins spring training complex in Jupiter as well as the other draft picks to receive physicals and to sign contracts. From there I flew to Jamestown, NY to play for the Jamestown Jammers.

When I got drafted I was sitting at home with my Mom watching the draft live on the internet when my name popped up on the screen. We both jumped up in joy and I immediately called my Dad who was out of town for work. Everyone was thrilled and then about 10 minutes late Matt Anderson (the Marlins scout who drafted me) called to give me the news as well and to start negotiating a contract.

I feel very vulnerable when it has to do with family.

Having lost my mom, who I was so extremely close to, now I feel so vulnerable when somebody gets sick or hurt. I become a complete wreck until they're well. Even if it's a cold! I compare myself to Marlin in Finding Nemo.

I always knew I could play, but it wasn't likely to happen in Boston.

I'm grateful to the Red Sox for trading me and to the Marlins for giving me the chance.

Every kid's dream is to play for their hometown team, watching when you're younger and stuff like that. It's awesome to be able to be from Miami and play for the Marlins because I was at the stadium as a little kid watching the game.

In life there are worse things (then being fired by the Miami Marlins) and I have experienced them. I have lived through bad moments and I will get through this with support.