quote by Che Guevara

I understand that the American people has a right and especially the press, which is not very friendly to us, to make all suppositions and ideas about this fact [suicide by Augusto Martinez] - this disgraced fact.

— Che Guevara

Fascinating Martinez quotations

I'm anxious to face them (major league pitchers) all, but in reality I'm looking forward most to (Boston's) Pedro Martinez. He was with the major league team that came to Japan in 1996, just before he became a superstar. I'm anxious to see how much he's improved. And I'm anxious to see how much I've improved against him.

A British declaration be taken against Martinez for 'capturing and robbing us.

We've got the slowest 311 song ever, called 'Solar Flare,' which is a scathing political rap that [vocalist] S.A. [Martinez] puts over a really slow, heavy thing, And then there's also a really fast one called 'It's Getting OK Now,' which is [guitarist] Tim Mahoney channeling Dimebag Darrell [Abbott of Pantera].

Taylor Martinez is to Nebraska what iPad is to Apple.

Oh, poor me (jokingly, after being told that Randy Johnson & Pedro Martinez would make more in 2003 than he would). What do I do now? I guess I'll have to get a second job.

Sister Maria Martinez whom I believe I've mentioned before has been giving me cooking classes. Today I learned how to bake mean banana bread. The secret apparently is half a cup of dark rum.

I think the changeup has become more popular recently by pitchers like Pedro Martinez and the success he had with it.

Roberto Martinez's belief is unbelievable

Later," Fang said to Ella and Dr. Martinez in that gushy, hyperemotional, overdramatic way he has.

Senator Martinez is not driven by polls;

he is driven by the needs of the state of Florida and its 17 million constituents.

Come on, when does it come to the point where your name can't come up in trade talks? Willie Mays got traded. Pedro Martinez got traded. So what? That's part of the game.

Whether you like it or not, the last few years I'd be the first one to tell you I haven't been the Pedro Martinez that I'm used to being.

The fact of the attempted suicide by Augusto Martinez was explained in a concise and exact form by our government in a communique. There is absolutely nothing else to add.

It's great to see part of my culture doing so well in the sport that I'm involved in, a sport that I have a passion for. I grew up hearing about a lot of Argentine fighters, the great Carlos Monzon and even the fighters on ESPN lime Omar Vaez; and now guys like Marcos Maidana and Sergio Martinez.

It was a very comfortable and personal relationship [Cliff Martinez ].

'The Neon Demon'is our third movie and the music has never been as important as for this movie.

So to Hillary Clinton, Liz Cheney, Christine Quinn, Susana Martinez, Meg Whitman, Sheryl Sandberg, Carly Fiorina and every other woman out there who has ever felt more like a professional juggler than a politician, you are our best hope! Run sister, run.

I got to play with some of the best players in the game, from Victor Martinez and Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore in Cleveland, to here with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cole Hamels. Obviously, to Seattle with Ichiro and Felix Hernandez, and then to Texas with Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Mike Young. It was a great experience. Without being traded I never could have gotten to do any of that.?

In Moulin Rouge I could not change the name of Toulouse-Lautrec obviously to Toulouse-Lautrec- Martinez. But in ER I did that, my name is Dr Victor Clemente, so sometimes it is possible.

My mother and my grandmother are pioneers of Mexican cuisine in this country, so I grew up in the kitchen. My mom, Zarela Martinez, was by far my biggest influence and inspiration - and toughest critic.

I also have picked a secretary for Housing and Human Development.

Mel Martinez from the state of Florida.

And the art was in every corner and wall.

.. a Mural of the Century of Progress in Colombia South America is rich in detail, painted by a student of the Fine Arts Academy of Chicago named Santiago Martinez; a name to remember.

Santiago Martinez Delgado made a Master piece in the Colombian Congress building worthy of admiration.

I like Sergio Martinez. I think he's strong, he's gritty, he's got plenty of heart, he's not the fanciest guy you might have seen in boxing but he has the goods to be around a long time in the Middleweight division.

Fang? Are you- like Max?" asked Dr. Martinez. "Nope,"he said, sounding bored. "I'm the smart one." I resisted the urge to kick him in the shin.

Dr. Martinez: "I take it you don't want me to call your parent?" Max: "Uh, no." Hello, lab? May I speak to the test tube please?

So you have you price," I said with a mouthful of crumbs.

"Your soul for a cookie." Fang made sure Dr. Martinez wasn't looking and then shot me the bird.