quote by Jose Canseco

The fans love the home runs, the home run competition between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.

— Jose Canseco

Delicious Mcgwire quotations

A brilliant idea without action is like Mark McGwire playing baseball without a bat.

Mark (McGwire), you know I love you. It's been unbelievable. I wish you could be here with me today. I know you are watching me and I know you have the same feelings for me as I have for you in my heart.

The hypocrisy seems pathological among the stars.

And yet we desperately want to believe Armstrong is immune to dishonesty in the same way everyone wanted to grant McGwire a pass in 1998.

You don't protect Mark McGwire. The only way to protect him is hit 70 homers yourself.

There's only one Mark McGwire. The man walked over 160 times. Just think. If he walks 60 times, he might hit 100 homers.

It's easy to see why pitchers respect McGwire.

If you hit behind him, they're saying that they don't respect you. You have to change their thinking.

I think it would have been a lot better for him to say, I did it and I'm sorry, McGwire was never one to show a lot of emotion on the field, not a player who sought attention and craved to be thought of as a nice guy.

The best place to catch a baseball hit by (Mark) McGwire is definitely not within the confines of the playing field, or sometimes even the ballpark. Other players dial '1' for long distance. McGwire has to ask for an international operator.

Mark McGwire is thirty-four years old.

I'm twenty-nine. He's probably a little bit tired and I'm just having some fun.

Mark (McGwire) is the man.

It's going to be unbelievable, you know.

There's going to be a lot of people cheering for Mark McGwire and me. And, hey, we'll see how it goes.

The truth is, no one wants to face the fact that there was a huge double standard in baseball, and white athletes like Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken Jr., and Brady Anderson were protected and coddled in a way that an outspoken Latino like me never would be. The light-eyed and white-skinned were declared household names. Canseco the Cuban was left out in the cold, where racism and double standards rule.

I think baseball owes McGwire a gratitude of thanks for putting baseball back on the map where it should be.