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I love that pre-mod jazz look of the late Fifties, the Steve McQueen style that influenced the British modernists.

— Martin Freeman

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There'll always be a McQueen woman. She's strong, powerful & when she puts a McQueen jacket on, she feels different.

I have Tom Ford, Gucci, Saint Laurent, McQueen, and odd pieces that Ive just acquired because I happened to have come across them and felt they have some historical resonance.

When you see a woman wearing McQueen, there’s a certain hardness to the clothes that makes her look powerful. It kind of fends people off.

Gather up your courage like an armful of free clothes at a McQueen sample sale and follow your inner voice wherever it takes you.

I like edgy but classic looks - like Chanel mixed with Alexander McQueen.

My personal style is edgier. My closet is just black, gray, and white. I'm more comfortable in darker colors and leather jackets.

The McQueen woman doesn't want to feel casual.

It's not that kind of world. When you put on the clothes, they make you stand differently, feel differently. It was about how to do that but make it feel light. I've always been part of Lee's romantic side, that's what I love.

Alexander McQueen's designs are all about bringing contrasts together to create startling and beautiful clothes and I hope that by marrying traditional fabrics and lacework, with a modern structure and design we have created a beautiful dress for Catherine on her wedding day.

People constantly make the mistake of comparing London with New York, Milan and Paris and that's not what it's about. London has its own fashion identity. You come here to find the next Alexander McQueen or John Galliano.

A McQueen woman always has to feel powerful. She's never a girly girl, she's always a woman.

I went to college with James Coburn and Steve McQueen was a very good friend.

I did grow up next door to Steve McQueen, who was a very famous movie star at the time, but as a kid it didn't impress me. We always had great fun with him. He would take us out on Sundays on his motorcycles, riding around in the desert; he was like a second father.

I like Stella McCartney, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Aaron Featherstone, normal Chanel if I can ever afford it, I'd be wearing that all the time! I like to admire from afar.

Alexander McQueen was one of the greatest fashion designers of his generation.

His genius, sometimes provocative, admired and saluted by all, constantly opened new perspectives. Visionary and avant-garde, his creations took their inspiration from both tradition and timeless hyper-modernity.

You can only go forward by making mistakes.

I'm twenty-seven, not fifty-seven. I'm not Givenchy, I'm Alexander McQueen.

And it was only a week later that I realized a close up of Steve McQueen was worth the greatest landscape you could find.

You were Marlon Brando, I was Steve McQueen, you were K.Y. Jelly, I was Vaseline.

The big stars I felt a kinship with were never the romantic leads.

It wasn't Steve McQueen or Robert Redford - it was people like Walter Matthau and Anthony Quinn. My big hero was Tommy Cooper.

My character in 'Shame' is an outrageous person.

Loud and uncompromising and I begged Steve McQueen to give me the job.

In a world where every man and his dog is a designer, Alexander McQueen was the real deal. His talent was supersonic.

Steve MCQueen created an entire family to tell one man's tale and I am delighted that so many of this family have also been recognised today. I am hugely grateful to the Academy for this great honour, and, of course, to Solomon Northup for sharing his story through his breathtaking book.

Things I Want to Happen After I die: You're allowed to be sad, but you're not allowed to be too sad. If you're always sad when you think about me, then how can you remember me? —Sam McQueen

I did an after-school special as my first big thing.

It was starring Butterfly McQueen. She was the name. But the real star of it was Robbie Rist, who was that little blond kid who looked like John Denver.

I met Steve McQueen once. Well, met isn't really the right word.

I love Alexander McQueen. I like the construction of his suits. I think it's fantastic.

When I arrived here at Givenchy, there was a lot of confusion.

Before me, there had been some great geniuses - John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are great masters. They marked history. But when I came in after Julien Macdonald, it was also a bit of a mess, because not even I could understand what the true identity of Givenchy was. Everyone thinks that it's only Audrey Hepburn, but there is a whole other world behind it.

I was cast last minute for Casino Royale.

They asked me to fly to Prague. I liked the script very much. I flew to Prague and did a bit of an audition. I was really focused and stressed out. And Daniel Craig was there. He was very, very blonde, like a Steve McQueen. He's moving a lot in real life. He's quite nervous. He was very lovely, very patient, and really connecting with me when we did the screen test.

My McQueen particularly was hard to make, because my father was dying.

I see it, and I see my confusion, my pain, my everything. I thought that it was really interesting to be able to put the people from behind the camera in front of the camera as they make it.

I get to wear Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and crazy stuff, but of course, my mom would never in a million years let me buy that. She won't even let me buy my own pair of skis!

The first movie I can remember ever seeing was Hard Times with Charles Bronson and James Coburn. My dad also introduced me to the likes of Jimmy Cagney... John Garfield... Robert Ryan... Steve McQueen... James Caan... Those are my fondest memories.

I'd love to do a noir. I think Steve McQueen is so cool. But a classic film is a classic film, and perhaps the fantasy of being those characters should be left alone. You're treading on very thin ice.

I really like Roland Moret, Alexander McQueen and Marios Schwab, a young British designer.

Fashion Week was at Bryant Park and there were a few shows like Marc Jacobs, or when Alexander McQueen came to town, that were offsite, Helmut [Lung] was offsite, but it was very intimate. It wasn't the way it is today where you have a thousand people at the show. You may have had 200 to 250 and it was really the trade and you know fashion greats.

Watching the news inspires me to keep going and reminds me why I should never complain. I'm inspired by those who don't let others define them: Martin Luther King Jr., James Dean, Vincent Van Gogh, Hillary Clinton, Tennessee Williams, director Steve McQueen. They've all changed the conversation by making their voices heard.

Alexander McQueen's heartbreakingly premature death, at the height of his creativity and influence, has robbed the fashion world of a soaring and unique talent.