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A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. — Proverbs

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn. — Henry David Thoreau

No one should be able to enter a wilderness by mechanical means. — Garrett Hardin

War is the supreme drama of a completely mechanized society. — Lewis Mumford

Most people think that aging is irreversible and we know that there are mechanisms even in the human machinery that allow for the reversal of aging, through correction of diet, through anti-oxidants, through removal of toxins from the body, through exercise, through yoga and breathing techniques, and through meditation. — Deepak Chopra

Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies. — Honore de Balzac

For man is not the creature and product of Mechanism; but, in a far truer sense, its creator and producer. — Thomas Carlyle

But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions. — D. H. Lawrence

Antikythera mechanism quotes - The Antikythera mechanism (/ˌæntɪkɪˈθɪərə/, /ˌæntɪˈkɪθərə/) is an ancient hand powered Greek analogue computer which has also been described as the first

Defence mechanism quotes - mechanism is an unconscious psychological mechanism that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful stimuli. Defence mechanisms

Higgs mechanism quotes - the Higgs mechanism is essential to explain the generation mechanism of the property "mass" for gauge bosons. Without the Higgs mechanism, all bosons

Caplock mechanism quotes - The caplock mechanism, percussion lock, or cap and ball was the successor of the flintlock mechanism in firearm technology, and used a percussion cap struck

Market mechanism quotes - In economics, the market mechanism is a mechanism by which the use of money exchanged by buyers and sellers with an open and understood system of value

Scissors mechanism quotes - A scissors mechanism uses linked, folding supports in a criss-cross 'X' pattern. Extension is achieved by applying pressure to the outside of a set of

Mechanism (engineering) quotes - engineering, a mechanism is a device that transforms input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces and movement. Mechanisms generally consist

Intermittent mechanism quotes - The intermittent mechanism or intermittent movement is the device by which film is regularly advanced and then held in place for a brief duration of time

The Mechanism quotes - "The Mechanism" is a song by British electronic music duo Disclosure and Friend Within. It was released as a digital download in the United Kingdom on