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When I got out of high school, I thought, I'll take a year or two off and play the clubs, get this out of my system, and then go to med school.

— Gregg Allman

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Well, you have absolutely no idea what a nightmare it was to be on a set, trying to figure out how I was going to find out what time it is, how I was going to get my meds, and at the same time not have it be obvious to someone.

The reason why I found acting is because my father passed away.

He passed away really young. I was going to go to med school. My father's dream was that all of his kids become doctors. I realized in school I didn't like it. When he died, it was like a wake-up call. Life is too short to do something you don't want to do.

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Unless you took courses in architecture, engineering, or pre-med, the rest of your liberal arts education hardly prepares you for life as the business warrior and champion you envision yourself to be.

I don't know the nuts and bolts of writing.

I studied medicine. I was a pre-med nerd. So everything I learned, I know about writing is very instinctive.

And in this silence of the dumb and these speeches of the blind, in this medly of people bound together by the same grief, terror and hope, in this hatred and lack of understanding between men who spoke the same tongue, you could see much of the tragedy of the twentieth century.

When I got to college, acting suddenly seemed like a very risky proposition and all my friends were going to law school or med school or Wall Street.

Where’s your sketch pad?” I asked.

… “I gave that up,” Kay said. “I wasn’t very good, so I changed my major.” “To what?” “To pre-med, then psychology, then English lit, then history.” “I like a woman who knows what she wants.” Kay smiled. “So do I, but I don’t know any.

Well, my parents originally wanted me to become a doctor - that's why I was in school; I was pre-med, and I graduated with a degree in psychology and a concentration in neuroscience. Really, the plan was for me to go to med school.

A malady Preys on my heart that med'cine cannot reach.

You want to be a good person, don't you, Pat?' I nod.

I cry. I do want to be a good person, I really do. 'I'm going to up your meds,' Dr. Patel tells me. 'You might feel a little sluggish, but it should help to curb your violent outbursts. You need to know it's your actions that will make you a good person, not desire.

If I wanted to be a doctor today I'd go to math school not med school.

Competition in rowing doesn't just come from other countries.

It comes from Wall Street, med school, law school. You think Harvard and Princeton grads want to live in Chula Vista?

Meds don't equal medical care.

I started college Pre-Med. That lasted about half a semester.

I was coming off of a lot of psyche meds and other things.

No, I majored in biology, in a pre-med program.

So: we're all tired. Now what? Manuscripts written in Club Med?

Juilliard was four years, and I called it 'med school with guaranteed unemployment at the end.' And it ends: you're getting ready to go out and be an actor, and... nothing.

Sadness is simply something to be treated with antidepressant meds and otherwise need not be spoken of.

I began my day as I often begin my days, by checking Donald Trump's Twitter feed to see how far the crazy has spread. And today, I really think he's off his meds, because today he went from crazy to cruel.

I am off all the cancer meds. Energy is a bit low but other than that, I feel really good.

The program I use is called MED Soundstudio.

It's basically a column of numbers that relate to pitch, duration, the type of sound. If I want to play a chord, I have to press keys on a keyboard - like a computer keyboard, on my Amiga - that relate to sharps and flats, note by note.

I was always interested in science, and pre-med was arespectable thing to do while I ursued my songwriting.

In college, I stopped doing pre-med and went into theater, and then I moved to San Francisco and lived there for five years.

If you are that person, you are more likely to believe that God cured you, this invisible force, creator of the universe, cured you, than that you had three idiotic doctors diagnose you. ... I taught physics to pre-med students who became doctors. Not all of them are smart, I assure you.

When you hear someone use the word 'meds' instead of the word 'medicine,' chances are they're no stranger to massive doses of mind-altering psychotropic drugs. Back out of the room slowly.

I was always interested in medicine and I was actually a pre-med major.

Med students panic their first year when they learn all the diseases.

It's not until the second year that they learn the cures.

The Buddhist mind is more complicated than the Christian mind.

It comes up with endless heavens, endless hells, endless earths, and then we have something lower than hell. We have endless sub-realms that make hell look like Club Med and we have endless nirvana.

If it's needed for me to have a drop of Filipino blood, I am willing to get it from Makati Med. My heart really belongs here.

He oft finds med'cine, who his griefe imparts;

But double griefs afflict concealing harts, As raging flames who striveth to supresse.

My books are not really books; theyre endless chains of distraction shoved inside a cover. Many of them begin at the search box of Pub Med, an Internet database of medical journal articles.

Every pore of you is crying and you don't even understand why or what.

I actually kind of died and got born again as a result of taking the meds and having a chance to, you know, build a life.

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cucc.

Groweth sed, and bloweth med, And springth the wude nu, Sing cuccu!