quote by Ludacris

Watch out for the medallion, my diamonds are reckless, Feels like a midget is hangin from my necklace!

— Ludacris

Off-limits Medallions quotations

Now I'm an old Christmas tree, the roots of which have died.

They just come along and while the little needles fall off me replace them with medallions.

Each man's destiny is hung like a medallion around his neck.

Not a single star will be left in the night.

The night will not be left. I will die and, with me, the weight of the intolerable universe. I shall erase the pyramids, the medallions, the continents and faces. I shall erase the accumulated past. I shall make dust of history, dust of dust. Now I am looking on the final sunset. I am hearing the last bird. I bequeath nothingness to no one.

Of course, most failures aren't so public in nature.

Most failures happen quietly, unspectacularly, and their effects are cumulative. Most of the time failure doesn't reveal itself in a moment but wraps around you over a lifetime, adding heaviness to your step until one day you recognize you've been wearing failure on your face all along, that your failures have decorated your breast like the medallions of an army general's coat, that they've stripped away what's best in you, like rain peeling away the layers of a freshly painted house.

Every day I wear my Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth medallions around my neck.

When I think I'm having a bad day, I try to think about their day, and I get up.

I designed my whole image. That was all me. I just bought some regular clothes, threw a medallion around my neck, and that was it. The next thing I know, that's the look.

De La Soul, from the soul, black medallions, no gold.

Ah, this is fine," he cried triumphantly, holding up a small medallion on a chain. He dusted it off, and engraved on one side were the words "WHY NOT?" "That's a good reason for almost anything - a bit used perhaps, but still quite serviceable.

I dodged behind Mac for cover and refused to take the bait.

I glanced at my nonexistent watch. 'Oops, look at the time. Guess I have to be going now. Let's not do this again sometime, okay?' Before I could move, Pritkin was there, jamming the medallion into the skin of my upper arm.'Ow!'He looked at me expectantly. I glared at him. 'That hurt!' What do you see?' A big red mark.

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