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Meeting new people quote
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The Most Famous Meeting New People Quotes (Best in 2024)

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One of the joys of travel is visiting new towns and meeting new people. — Genghis Khan

Become a better person and be sure to know who you are, before meeting someone new and hoping that person knows who you are — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I like chance meetings - life is full of them. Every day, without realising it, I pass people whom I should know. — Krzysztof Kieslowski

Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet. — Will Rogers

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen — Rod McKuen

There are people you meet that you get to know, and then there are people you meet that you already know. — Colleen Hoover

Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet. — Simon Sinek

Meeting new people quote

If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball. — Jack Lemmon

Meeting new people quote

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met. — William Butler Yeats

An open mind is the secret in making friends. — Seungri

Short Meeting New People Quotes

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  • Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't. — Bill Nye
  • I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them. — Princess Diana
  • I love meeting new people; I think everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen sometimes. — Kim Smith
  • It's just hard to meet new people, in my position. — Eminem
  • Yeah, I love doing ensemble pieces. You get to meet so many new people and make new friends. — Devon Sawa
  • There are three very good reasons to travel: 1. See the world. 2. Meet new people. 3. Room service. — Linda Sunshine
  • What do people in prison say when they meet new friends? Give me your cell number. — Dana Gould
  • That's the whole point of life, you know? To meet new people. — Sherman Alexie
  • Today, I find inspiration in music, art, traveling the world, and meeting new people. — Nastia Liukin
  • I love meeting new people and telling them about my stories and my projects that I am working on. — Kim Kardashian

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Meeting new people quote I knew when I met you an adventure is going to happen.
I knew when I met you an adventure is going to happen.

Meeting New Friends Quotes

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My friends keep telling me I'm doing it with Mary Palmer. That's not true - I'm too busy masturbating to meet anyone new. — Roddy Piper

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. — Anais Nin

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. — Anais Nin

Meeting new people quote You can't change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do
You can't change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.

Going to a restaurant is one of my keenest pleasures. Meeting someplace with old and new friends, ordering wine, eating food, surrounded by strangers, I think is the core of what it means to live a civilised life. — Adam Gopnik

Of journeying the benefits are many: the freshness it bringeth to the heart, the seeing and hearing of marvelous things, the delight of beholding new cities, the meeting of unknown friends, and the learning of high manners. — Sadi Gulistan

Of journeying the benefits are many: the freshness it bringeth to the heart, the seeing and hearing of marvelous things, the delight of beholding new cities, the meeting of unknown friends, and the learning of high manners. — Saadi Shirazi

Meeting new people quote Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situation that threaten your p
Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situation that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth.

You can't build a vocabulary without reading. You can't meet friends if you ... stay at home by yourself all the time. In the same way, you can't build up a vocabulary if you never meet any new words. And to meet them you must read. The more you read the better. — Rudolf Flesch

When you meet a new friend, the world has more light in it, doesn't it? Things become more spontaneous, and more full of laughing and freedom and novelty. — Coleman Barks

A story a friend told me about being in New York and meeting this Latin-lover kind of guy. They went up to her hotel room, and the guy kind of pounced on her and told her to spread her legs, shouting, "Surrender the pink! Surrender the pink!" That's where it's from. — Carrie Fisher

Lots of things inspire me. My friends and my family, obviously. I really like to travel, so very inspired by traveling and meeting new people along the way. Also, music and the arts, like film and television. I like to read a lot too; that stuff inspires me. — Jessica McNamee

Making New Friends Quotes

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No one can go back and make a brand new start, my friend, but anyone can start from here and make a brand new end. — Dan Zadra

Whether fuel cell system development in central Oregon, wind power generation along the Columbia Gorge, or geothermal energy in southern Oregon, investing in new energy sources makes America more energy independent while creating good paying, environmentally friendly jobs. — Greg Walden

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day. — Dalai Lama

Meeting new people quote There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people's bo
There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people's book and write your own.

Make new friends, but don’t forget the old ones. — Yiddish Proverbs

Trust is hard to come by. That's why my circle is small and tight. I'm kind of funny about making new friends. — Eminem

Borrow from your friends, and when they ain't got any more money, make new friends. — Irwin Corey

You Too? I thought I was the only one. — C. S. Lewis

Make new friends but keep the old ones; one is silver and the other's gold. — Unknown

From a simple, mammal perspective, you think you're going to make friends through the movie. You think, "Oh, this kind of humor that I play with will bring people that have a similar kind of humor. I'll make new friends," or something. You don't even think in terms of audience or of money. — Gaspar Noe

Every time I go to Comic-Con, I'm jacked. I want to dress up and walk the floor and answer questions, because I'm excited about it. It's like making new friends. — Mae Whitman

Meeting Someone Quotes

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Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming. — Carl Jung

As you go through life's rich tapestry, you realize that most people you meet aren't fit to shine your shoes. It's a sad fact, but it's true. A good friend is someone who'd hide you if you were on the run for murder. How many of them do you know? — Lemmy Kilmister

[To a woman whose cellphone rang during a formal meeting:] You'd better answer that. It could be someone important. — Queen Elizabeth II

Icelanders are grateful to meet foreigners who have heard of their country. And even more grateful to hear someone say it deserves better. — Halldór Laxness

I have no way of knowing how people really feel, but the vast majority of those I meet couldn't be nicer. Every once in a while someone barks at me. My New Year's resolution is not to bark back. — Tucker Carlson

What goes around, comes around. — Willie Nelson

When you're not practicing, someone somewhere is. And when the two of you meet, assuming roughly equal ability, the other person will win. — Bill Bradley

No human ever became interesting by not failing. The more you fail and recover and improve, the better you are as a person. Ever meet someone who's always had everything work out for them with zero struggle? They usually have the depth of a puddle. Or they don't exist. — Chris Hardwick

Perhaps it's because it's incredible to meet someone and say: with this person, I'm happy. — Anna Gavalda

I began wearing hats as a young lawyer because it helped me to establish my professional identity. Before that, whenever I was at a meeting, someone would ask me to get coffee. — Bella Abzug

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Encourage everyone you meet with a smile or compliment. Make them feel better when you leave their presence and they will always be glad to see you coming. — Joyce Meyer

Individuals do not meet by chance. They are necessary in the experiences of others, though they may not always use their opportunities in a spiritual way or manner. — Edgar Cayce

In life's journey, you will meet all sorts of characters. Always remember, never shed a tear for the heartless, corrupt or insensitive. — Krystal

Sports can do so much. They've given me a framework: meeting new people, confidence, self-esteem, discipline, motivation. All these things I learned, whether I knew I was learning them or not, through sports. — Mia Hamm

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people. — Mother Teresa

What I've enjoyed most, though, is meeting people who have a real interest in food and sharing ideas with them. Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn - I love it! — Jamie Oliver

But innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we've been thinking about a problem. — Steve Jobs

Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what's right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in. — Andrew Zimmern

I enjoy going out by myself... always have, always will. I don't have security guards, and, for the most part, I enjoy meeting new people. I see myself as a regular guy who likes playing video games with his nieces and nephews and poker with his family. I don't have an art collection or take exotic vacations. I enjoy being at home. — Vince Vaughn

We automatically give to each person we meet, but we choose what we give. Our words, our actions, must consciously set the stage for the life we wish to lead. — Marlo Morgan

God made me blind and unable to walk. BIG DEAL! He gave me the ability... the musical gifts I have... the great opportunity to meet new people. — Patrick Henry Hughes

Experiment! Meet new people. That’s better than any college education . . . By adventuring; about, you become accustomed to the unexpected. The unexpected then becomes what it really is . . . the inevitable. — Amelia Earhart

Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else. — Ogden Nash

I was born to a woman I never knew and raised by another who took in orphans. I do not know my background, my lineage, my biological or cultural heritage. But when I meet someone new, I treat them with respect.... For after all, they could be my people. — James A. Michener

My advice for girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming is to be open for anything. Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you're open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along. — Lily Collins

My favorite thing about doing photo shoots is just being able to have fun, meeting new people, getting dressed up, and I just love doing it. So, I have a lot of fun. — Kendall Jenner

I believe - to the best of my recollection, anyway - that I soon made the classic error of moving from margaritas to actual shots of straight tequila. It does make it easier to meet new people. — Anthony Bourdain

You have opened a new chapter in the relations of the American and Chinese people... I am confident that this beginning of our friendship will certainly meet with majority support of our two peoples. — Zhou Enlai

Collect adventures and experiences to reminisce about…go to far places, meet new people, eat exotic foods, enjoy all varieties of women, look on unfamiliar landscapes, see new things. — Gary Jennings

If you're lonely, bored, or unhappy, remember you are mad young. There is so much time to meet new people and go to new places. — Ezra Koenig

You know, the more you can meet people from different walks of life, the better it is for you. I think the more you can create situations and experiences that give you new perspective, the better. — Michelle Pfeiffer

When people meet me, many times they're very surprised because they expect someone who is kind of wacky with seven piercings and very hip and cool and New York City, and I'm not. — Augusten Burroughs

I used to feel so alone in the city. All those gazillions of people and then me, on the outside. Because how do you meet a new person? I was very stunned by this for many years. And then I realized, you just say, "Hi." They may ignore you. Or you may marry them. And that possibility is worth that one word. — Augusten Burroughs

Especially for me, growing up in such a small town in the middle of nowhere, the desire to be away was incredible. I wanted to see new lands, meet new people from the city, and meet people that were in much less fortunate situations than I was, so that I could be more appreciative of my present. At least I had food on the table. — Garrett Hedlund

New York is the meeting place of the peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical American. — Djuna Barnes

I love life. There's always something to overcome, new people to meet... You've just got to find your bliss and go after it. That's where the drive is, that's how you find your special place. — Jim Stynes

What I enjoy most is travelling to different places and meeting new people. For me, it's all about life experiences, and I'm very grateful that acting allows me so many interesting and fulfilling ones. — Jensen Ackles

I'm not against people having new cars. I'm against them having you. We spend a tremendous amount impressing somebody at the stoplight who we'll never meet. It makes you broke and keeps you broke. — Dave Ramsey

What makes me most happy is connecting with others. I love meeting new people, being social, and engaging in empowering discussions. — Gabrielle Bernstein

Skiers make the best lovers because they don't sit in front of a television like couch potatoes. They take a risk and they wiggle their behinds. They also meet new people on the ski lift. — Ruth Westheimer

I think it's important for girls at a young age to be involved in as many things as possible. Especially safe communities of people that teach them great life lessons like self-confidence and courage. And getting girls to go to camp especially in the summer where they can meet new friends, learn new things, and not just sit at home and watch TV. — Shawn Johnson

The most important part of a city is its people. In fact, people for me are like little cities. When you meet someone, it's like you've found a new city to explore. You take a tram, visit the museums and operas and cafes. — Sarnath Banerjee

I've maintained old friendships, like with people I knew in the nineteen-seventies, but have lost the knack for meeting new people. This has a lot to do with my writing schedule. I don't want to be disturbed, and the willingness to be disturbed is, I think, part of being a good friend. — David Sedaris

It's important to me to just experience as much as possible and to be able to just work and meet new people and have different experiences and have as much knowledge as I can. — Britt Robertson

That music and the lyrical aspects of Razorblade Romance is so personal to me that, now with me being grown up a bit and meeting new people and doing new things, it makes me look at the same things I was writing about back in the day through a different colored lens. — Ville Valo

Each year, every city in the world that can should have a multiday festival. More people meeting each other, digging new types of music, new foods, new ideas. You want to stop having so many wars? This could be a step in the right direction. — Henry Rollins

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