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All other species on this planet are gene machines only. They don't imitate at all well; we alone are gene machines and meme machines as well. — Susan Blackmore

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they think about memes is they try to extend on the analogy with genes. That's not how it works. It works by realizing the concept of a replicator. — Susan Blackmore

Certainly almost everything we do and think is colored in some way by memes, but it is important to realize that not everything we experience is a meme. If I walk down the street and see a tree, the basic perception that's going on is not memetic. — Susan Blackmore

The war consciousness is a living meme; a parasitic blight on the soul of human consciousness. — Bryant H. McGill

The war consciousness as a living meme seeks only to selfishly propagate its own survival as an organism of destruction and malevolence. — Bryant H. McGill

Generally, the view that I've had on Twitter is if you're on Twitter, you're in, like, the meme - you're in meme war land. If you're on Twitter, you're in the arena. And so, essentially, if you attack me, it is therefore OK for me to attack back. — Elon Musk

I like the app where you can make your own memes. I make memes all the time and send them to my friends. — Taylor Swift

I'm interested in visual vocabulary, like Andy Warhol was interested in that vocabulary of advertisements and television and pop culture. I do a great deal of tropes. This past decade has seen a new term, "meme," which is exactly what I'm studying. — Damian Loeb