quote by Ruhollah Khomeini

It is better for a girl to marry in such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband's house rather than her father's home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.

— Ruhollah Khomeini

Fantastic Menstruation quotations

Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced.

Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women.

Precisely what menstruation is, is not yet very well known.

It's okay to talk about birth, okay - then menstruation.

I first started my advocacy for women's health in the field of reproductive freedom, and the next stage would be bringing menopause out of the closet.

We can learn to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about gay people.

The same way we have learned to ignore the bullshit in the Bible about shellfish, about slavery, about dinner, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation.

Over half the world menstruates at one time or another, but you'd never know it. Isn't that strange?

While woman sheds the Blood of Life each moon at menstruation, man can only shed the blood of death through warfare and killing.

Birth is of course violent. Menstruation is violent. Trust me, if men's penises opened up once a month and shot blood, we'd be hearing about the violence of it.

Consider a very natural process, menstruation, and how the association has been created in which this process is dirty, degrading.

I'm the guy with the good attitude towards menstruation.

I understood that menstruation - the indication that you're a real woman - stopped if you grew weak from illness

On thyroid therapy, more than 90 percent of those with painful menstruation were relieved, most of them completely. The results were fully as good in converting irregular periods to normal, regular ones. And in six of seven women with excessive flow, normal flow was established.

If you make some comment even obliquely alluding to menstruation or menopause and its effect on my judgment," Murphy interrupted, "I will break your arm in eleven places.

My mind's monumental, my pen is penetration That produce words that bleed on the pad like menstruation

If you think you are emancipated, you might consider the idea of tasting your own menstrual blood - if it makes you sick, you've got a long way to go, baby.

Men like war: they do not hold much sway over birth, so they make up for it with death. Unlike women, men menstruate by shedding other people's blood.

The statistic that 67 percent of women's admissions to the psychiatric facilities are during the week before menstruation is critically important to every woman, and to every woman who feels she suffers from depression.

Precisely what menstruation is, is not yet very well known.

And, as if nature were protecting man against his own ingenuity, the reproductive processes were affected for a time; men became sterile, women had miscarriages, menstruation stopped.

Because in traditional Hindu culture menstruation is associated with a variety of social taboos, prolonged menstrual bleeding produced conflicts within families. The whole idea of fertility regulation was still extremely new in this setting and many husbands and other family members were angry when they found out that women had decided on their own to use the method and had gone to the clinic in secret.

Nobody had counseled women to expect the changes in bleeding patterns which are typically associated with IUD use, and they received no support from the health clinics with their problems. Because in traditional Hindu culture menstruation is associated with a variety of social taboos, prolonged menstrual bleeding produced conflicts within families.

In a way women are fleshier because of estrogen.

It's hard for us to lose weight because when we get super skinny we don't ovulate. Women in camps during the Holocaust didn't menstruate and didn't ovulate. They were starving; they were terrified. Why emulate that condition? It's nonsensical to me.

If men menstruated, they would brag about how much and for how long.

In 1986, Gloria Steinem wrote that if men got periods, they 'would brag about how long and how much': that boys would talk about their menstruation as the beginning of their manhood, that there would be 'gifts, religious ceremonies' and sanitary supplies would be 'federally funded and free'. I could live without the menstrual bragging - though mine is particularly impressive - and ceremonial parties, but seriously: Why aren't tampons free?

Many religions over the years have suggested that when a woman is menstruating, she should be avoided and not touched.

It's not easy to diagnose because depending where the endometrial deposits are, the symptoms can be quite different. It's an unrecognized problem among teenage girls, and it's something that every young woman who has painful menstruation should be aware of... It's a condition that is curable if it's caught early. If not, if it's allowed to run on, it can cause infertility, and it can really, really mess up your life.

She got to you, too, huh?" I said, sliding onto the bench seat across from him.

"Actually, I called her." Luca grinned. "I'm vomiting from a possible case of food poisoning. You?" "Sudden onset menstruation." He nodded respectfully. "Classic." "Yeah, but I should have gone for something more long-term. Yours will get you out of the whole afternoon. Ferris Bueller would be proud.