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Once I was walking from The Mercer in New York - because otherwise I don't walk anywhere - and this woman paparazzo who was following me fell over a fire hydrant and her whole tooth went through her lip. I leant over her, saying, 'Are you all right?' and she was still taking pictures. — Kate Moss

Johnny Mercer was my father's best friend and became mine as well. And Harold Arlen, whom I would call Uncle Harry, and Harry Warren: those were ones who I really became close to. — Margaret Whiting

Sometimes I miss hamburgers, I should say that. I miss the tuna pizzas at Mercer Kitchen. — Marc Jacobs

Well, in Washington, this is a very hard time for Eleanor and Franklin. This is when Lucy Mercer first appears. And Lucy Mercer is Eleanor Roosevelt's own secretary. Very beautiful young woman, not unlike Eleanor Roosevelt: tall, blonde, thick haired. And FDR is having an affair with her, which Eleanor Roosevelt finds out when FDR returns from Europe in 1918 with the famous flu of 1918. — Blanche Wiesen Cook

When I'm in New York I love to stay at the Mercer Hotel, and the C. Wonder store was so part of my New York experience from staying downtown. What I love the most about the brand is the enthusiasm that the customer has for it. — Brad Goreski

A fop of fashion is the mercer's friend, the tailor's fool, and his own foe. — Johann Kaspar Lavater

I don't like the idea that one hotel could be better than another. In any city, I try to find a hotel that has the identity of that place - Claridge's in London, the Danieli or Cipriani in Venice. In New York, I stay at the Mercer Hotel; it is so much in the character of SoHo. — Jean Nouvel

After the discovery in 1918 of love letters revealing that Franklin was involved with Lucy Mercer: The bottom dropped out of my own particular world, I faced myself, my surroundings, my world, honestly for the first time. — Eleanor Roosevelt