Michelle Obama was asked when life begins. According to her it's when she and Barack take over the White House.
— Evan Sayet

We know that Europe loves President Obama. He had adoring crowds. The press loves Obama. The question is how will this date end? Okay? The question is, to what end? Why do they love President Obama? They love his personal story, they love his wife. North Korea, China and Russia don't really care about michelle's arms and, you know, whether they gave an iPod to the Queen, okay?
Laura Ingraham michelle quote

Even Obama's staunchest supporters are starting to leave him. Last week Michelle Obama demanded to see a copy of his birth certificate.
— Ann Coulter

Barack Obama did tell me that I was one of Michelle Obama's favorite actors.
— Dwayne Johnson

I have never been more proud of the United States than I am this year. We have elected an African-American president. We have the stellar Michelle Obama setting the standard for American women. I simply cannot say it enough: look how far we've come.
— michelle quotation by Kathryn Stockett