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Mike Tyson would have been a good sparring partner for me and Muhammad Ali because Tyson was a fast fighter and he could punch and throw good combinations.

— Larry Holmes

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If Mike Tyson was the voice of your GPS, would you ever not use it?

Mike Tyson’s a great boxer. The greatest boxer - but boxer. Not the best fighter.

Mike Tyson, what can I say about you that hasn’t already been the title of a Richard Pryor album?

I haven't seen someone so overmatched since Mike Tyson tried to recite the alphabet.

I mean, it's not just the rappers, you know what i'm saying? People want to attack anybody that's a large figure, you know what I'm saying? They did it to [Michael] Jordan, they did it to [Mike] Tyson, they did it to Bill Cosby, you know what I'm saying? They're gonna' attack you if you on top.

Mike Tyson always had a big heart, but one of his problems is that he's short.

And he's got kind of a personal attitude. But that don't make him a great fighter.

I'm just one woman away, my mother, from being the same as Mike Tyson.

I would've ended up like him if my mama had not been so tough and strong. A lot of people, including Mike, don't know I came from the ghetto. They think I'm too nice and proper. But that's the way my mama raised me - to look people in the eye and respect them.

I am definitely not scared of Mike Tyson.

I am at the top of the food chain and he is looking to knock me off. Mike's an arrogant imbecile. He sounds like a cartoon character.

If Mike Tyson is in your courtroom and you don't send him to jail, it's an injustice. Everyone knows he's a bad guy. So if he is in your courtroom, he should go to jail.

An intruder broke into Mike Tyson's hotel room in Las Vegas while he was sleeping but got out before Tyson could get to him. I don't know what's scarier. Having someone breaking into your room while you're sleeping or breaking into someone else's room and finding out the guy is Mike Tyson.

I beat Larry Holmes and George Foreman.

I whupped Mike Tyson twice. I had my ear chewed off and spat on the ground in front of me. I've seen everything it is possible to see in boxing. I know this business better than anyone. So I live and die by my own decisions.

Some people who love boxing might love Mike Tyson, but people outside of the sport are generally repulsed by him and therefore, repulsed by the sport.

What I know about Mike Tyson, I see in the boxing ring.

As far as all of the gossip stuff that I hear about him, I know first hand to take that with a grain of salt.

Mike's (Tyson) punch is like an atomic bomb in that it is relative to nature.

Both have no value unless you have a means of conveying it to the target. He is boxing-smart.

Mike Tyson has to be one of my greatest all time fighters.

Muhammad Ali. I like going back looking at the classics like Roberto Duran. I like the old time fighters, when you had a champion in the old days you really had a true champion. Muhammad Ali would take on anybody. You had the greats fighting everybody.

Every morning I wake up in a home where Mike Tyson previously laid in the bed and he earned over $500 million his career. It makes me conscious.

I can't change myself. I'm Mike Tyson. I'm a regular kid from the getto striving to do something positive with myself. I happen to fight well.

A fight with Mike Tyson or Riddick Bowe always sells, because those people came to win. When you come to win, people will see a good show. When you come to survive, it can become boring.

All I ever wanted was to be like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard. Back in the day American people knew who they were and I want them to now know Keith 'One Time' Thurman.

The best thing about the Kentucky Derby is that it is only two minutes long.

It is the quickest event in sports, except for Sumo-wrestling & Mike Tyson fights. Maybe Drag-racing is quicker, but I have never been attracted to it.

All the champions - you go and ask Mike Tyson or Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Lennox Lewis and myself included, and I'm sorry for putting myself in line with all the other great names - but the champion's attitude is it doesn't matter who is in front of me, I am going to conquer this person and win the fight and knock the person out.

I knew I'd conquered America when Mike Tyson told me I was one mean lady.

I just got into Mike Tyson. My security people kept saying, 'Haven't you seen him yet?' Well, I finally did, and he's got a real knockout punch.

I became so disciplined when I was on tag.

I would be at home by eight o'clock, and because I had boxing, I lived the disciplined life. I started reading because I learnt that so many champions educated themselves. Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins. Before, it was 'act now, think later' - but the discipline and reading changed me.

People say of every opponent, 'When are you going to knock him out?' But I'm not like Mike Tyson, who came flying out of his corner. I'm much more composed. A guy is supposed to be durable, but then I start finding my range, and, well, it comes together. Boom.

What makes a champion great is how he dethrones the guy before him.

Look at Mike Tyson against Trevor Berbick and how he crushed him. You have to rip the title away from him.

There's so much pressure on becoming the next Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson, and if you don't achieve that in boxing, you're nothing.

Mike Tyson fit the American ideal of a boxer.

A fighter who jumps out of his corner and hits out fiercely. That’s what he’'ll be remembered for. But good boxing doesn’t work like that. Tyson never won on points. It was clear that he’'d come a cropper some day.

There were different heroes with different images.

There was Mike Tyson, the animal, there was Evander Holyfield, the devout, the priest. And there was me, the thinker, the intellectual boxer. So there was something for every fan, if you like. The public could always identify with one of us.

If you're a boxer, you want to get the ring with a Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali type. When you're acting, you want to get in with Meryl Streep, and that's what I did.

Mike Tyson is a sharp puncher. Earnie Shavers was a PUNISHING puncher. There was a difference between the two. Because when Shavers hit you, you feel it all the way through your body.

I don't think Mike Tyson's a bad guy. I think the people, the media, makes him out to be a bad guy.

Mike Tyson does a lot of things that shows he wants to win.

He might hit you after the bell, he might hit you a little low, but he wants to win the fight. I think if he controls himself, he's okay.

They [Mike Tyson and Todd Phillips] actually struck up a really pretty incredible chemistry, those two, and I think they really trusted each other.

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