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Find enough clever things to say, and you're a Prime Minister; write them down and you're a Shakespeare. — George Bernard Shaw

Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanahu made it real clear. They're willing to be generous on some other concessions but not on the border issue. And I don't blame him. — Herman Cain

I have not become the Kings First Minister in order to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire. — Winston Churchill

I don't mind how much my ministers talk -- as long as they do what I say. — Margaret Thatcher

The responsibility of a minister is to step aside when there is a criminal investigation of the department. That protects the propriety of Parliament and of responsible government. — Jack Layton

I grew up thinking that if I wanted to go be prime minister, I could. — Caroline Rhea

Better to make prime ministers out of prisoners than prisoners out of prime ministers. — Lord Caradon

Being prime minister is a lonely job... you cannot lead from the crowd. — Margaret Thatcher